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Liberal Mitch Landrieu, not running in conservative Louisiana election, he could never win

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landrieu leeIt’s another day and another global warming conference for Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Today, the Mayor is joining other world leaders in Paris to fight the supposed evils of carbon emissions and work toward a more “sustainable” future. 

In Paris, Landrieu will officially join the Compact of Mayors, “a global coalition of city leaders dedicated to climate action.” These mayors are committing to confront climate change by endorsing a series of actions that will impact their residents in a variety of negative ways. Undoubtedly, taxes will increase, options will be limited and fossil fuel usage will become more expensive. Sadly, all of this will be done to achieve a goal that is not universally shared and is hotly debated.    

Meanwhile, back in the real world, while the Mayor enjoys another taxpayer paid junket, the city of New Orleans is suffering through another blood soaked year of violence. The Crescent City will finish this year with more murders, armed robberies, car-jacking incidents and rapes than 2014. In the past few months, New Orleans residents have also experienced the horror of multiple restaurant invasions, in which patrons were forced to the floor with a gun to their head and robbed of their valuables. 

Instead of leading a citywide rally to address the crime crisis, Mayor Landrieu is enjoying Paris, which is still recovering from a horrific Islamic terror attack that killed 130 and wounded hundreds more three weeks ago.  In the aftermath of the attack, the President of France took decisive action to fight back against the terrorists. It is quite a contrast to New Orleans where Mayor Landrieu meets with criminal gang leaders and tries to placate them with social programs such as NOLA for Life. None of these programs are stopping the onslaught of violence such as the horrific playground attack in which 17 people were shot by lunatic criminals trying to settle a score by randomly firing into a crowd. 

Landrieu’s answer is always more government programs. It is typical of liberals who shy away from a crackdown on crime. Obviously, there is a broken educational and criminal justice system in New Orleans. The Mayor who normally offers platitudes and little action is now pushing the ridiculous agenda of climate change as an answer to our woes. 


Unfortunately, climate change initiatives will deter neither Islamic terrorists nor New Orleans criminals. Nonetheless, the Mayor is obviously committed to the cause; regardless of cost to New Orleans taxpayers to fly him around the world.

This is Landrieu’s third global warming conference in the past few months. In July, he discussed global warming in Rome with the Pope at the Vatican’s Summit on Climate Change. In September, he joined other Mayors at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia and then traveled to New York to participate in a United Nations Conference on Sustainability, which coincided with the Pope’s historic address to the General Assembly. 

With today’s visit to Paris, it is clear Mayor Landrieu is obsessed with fighting the highly debated threat of global warming. He wants New Orleans to take a leading role in reducing carbon emissions. The problem with this effort is that is directly contradicts the wishes of his constituents. 

A recent poll showed that nationwide, only 3% of Americans view climate change as the most pressing problem. Obviously, it is even less of a concern in New Orleans, a city bursting with serious problems. Today, the people of New Orleans are not concerned with the potential problems of global warming in the distant future. They are concerned about the ongoing crime problem, the horrific street conditions, the poor state of the Police Department and emergency services and the stagnant economic conditions creating a 52% unemployment rate for African American males. 

The Mayor is not doing the job he was hired to do by the people of New Orleans. Instead, he is playing international politics in an effort to secure employment after his term ends in two years. 

It is no surprise that he announced he will not seek the U.S. Senate position being vacated by David Vitter. At present, Mitch Landrieu would have no prayer of winning statewide office. He is more liberal than his sister, who lost her U.S. Senate seat last year by a convincing margin. 

The Mayor is also pursuing with dogged determination the removal of four Confederate monuments from the City of New Orleans. This is a very divisive crusade that does not have the support of the people of Louisiana. A recent poll found that 68% of Louisiana voters oppose the removal of the monuments. In fact, Landrieu’s misguided campaign only has the support of 46% of African Americans; the group that Landrieu believes is so offended by the monuments. 

The Mayor will be back in New Orleans in time to address the City Council on Thursday prior to their vote on the monument issue. The Mayor wants these monuments to be declared a “nuisance” and removed. 

The real nuisances are the divisive and distracting political games played by Landrieu. With citizens crying out for action on serious issues, he fights symbols and tries to join a liberal international crusade that has little impact on the day to day life of his residents. 

Every day more New Orleans residents are becoming disillusioned by the crass tactics employed by Mayor Landrieu. He is lucky to be term limited because if he had to face the voters of New Orleans again, the outcome would be certain defeat.  

Jeff Crouere

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