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Louisiana, New Orleans Leaders Pleased With Hitting New Orleans Hornets Attendance Goal

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Stephen Sabludowsky--Louisiana PoliticsIt was a great victory, although perhaps short-lived for New Orleans, its basketball team, the Hornets, and for Louisiana.

The New Orleans Hornets met attendance goals of the 14,735 game average required in the team's lease to keep them in the city for another year and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Hornets President, Hugh Weber and Hornets Chairman Jac Sperling at a Monday press conference voiced the community’s collective appreciation for a job well done.

However, as those government and Hornets officials stressed, the big goal is to sell season tickets and fill the Hive if it hopes to keep the team in the future.

"We came together here in December to urge citizens to pack the Hive in support of the Hornets – and they did," said Jindal. "Because of the tremendous outpouring of support from this area and all across the state, the Hornets will stay right here for another year."

"Now, we can do this as a community. We can do this as a fan base. We did this a couple of years ago, but in this past year they sold 6,000 season tickets. We've got to get that up to 10,000 season tickets," Jindal said.

Mitch Landrieu reiterated the theme of the day that requires the community to rally around the court.

"This is a great team in a great market and it's a great product”, said Landrieu.

Hornets President, Hugh Weber told Bayoubuzz, that getting over the first hurdle has been accomplished but now all involved needs to focus upon the challenges ahead.

“Can’t get to phase two until you finish phase one” said Weber.

Also, one of the Hornets biggest cheerleaders is Hornets’ Chairman, New Orleans native, Jac Sperling, who hit an emotional note as he shared the day’s importance.  

"I grew up in New Orleans and I'm back here specifically to do what I can to help the NBA see if they can find a way to keep the Hornets here for years to come," Sperling said. "It's inspirational, I think, to say the least, the support the mayor and the governor and all the business leaders behind us have been able to generate. The fans have been spectacular. Our players feel it. I think the league feels it."

After the press conference, the Hornets made another comeback with a close finish as the team  won its ninth game in a row after being behind the Oklahoma City Thunder 91-89.   The Hornets trailed by double digits for much of the first half but then rallied to put a proud cap upon a winning day.

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Governor Bobby Jindal


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

New Orleans Hornets Chairman, Jac Sperling

New Orleans Hornets President Hugh Weber


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