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Louisiana State Medical Society Now Now Supports Jindal's Medicaid Plan

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The Jindal Administration might have one less worry this year during a time of major budget woes

The Louisiana State Medical Society has announced its support of the enhanced Coordinated Care networks paln to reform Louisiana's Medicaid program.  Previously, the organization was at odds with the Jindal Administration and had joined a Coalition to Protect Louisiana's Healthcare.

Below is a press release from the Society

After months of careful consideration and one-on-one deliberations with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH), Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS) announces its support of the enhanced Coordinated Care Networks (CCNs) plan to reform the state’s Medicaid program, a program that serves our most vulnerable patients. By pledging its support to DHH, the LSMS is withdrawing its membership in the Coalition to Protect Louisiana’s Healthcare. 

Previously, the Society withheld support because of several critical flaws in the CCNs design, including a lack of a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process, a rate floor for providers and a defined medical loss ratio. After many hours of discussions and meetings with DHH, the LSMS is confident these issues are being addressed by the Department. However, opportunities still remain to make the CCNs even better, and the LSMS looks forward to working with DHH on these issues.


Furthermore, the LSMS, along with other health care stakeholders through the Coalition to Protect Louisiana’s Healthcare, has developed an additional model for providers to participate in the Medicaid program. LSMS believes this model should be considered as a third option for patients and providers.  With the major concerns addressed in the new CCN RFP process and the Coalition’s model scheduled to be presented to DHH, the LSMS believes that the needs of both patients and physicians have been weighed and balanced appropriately.


“As the largest physician organization in the state and the only one to represent all specialties, the LSMS has worked diligently to ensure that patients and physicians have options within the Medicaid program,” said Jeff Williams, executive vice president of the LSMS. “The Coalition’s alternative model affords physicians another pathway to participate as a Medicaid provider. Physicians can now research the plans available and choose the option that best suits their practice.”


The LSMS looks forward to collaborating with DHH and Secretary Greenstein, Louisiana’s lawmakers and the Administration in the coming months to ensure that the process of reforming the state’s Medicaid program progresses smoothly and continues to meet the needs of Louisiana’s citizens.

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