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New Orleans Congressman Richmond Blasts Muslim Hearings

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In a highly-controversial congressional action, one of the newest members of the US House of Representatives, Cedric Richmond  of New Orleans has denounced the hearings today in the Homeland Security Committee regarding the “radicalization o American Muslims”.

Congressman Cedric L. Richmond (LA-02), a member of House Committee on Homeland Security, delivered remarks at today’s hearing on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response,”which was initiated and chaired by Republican Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King. Excerpts from Mr. Richmond’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, are below.

Also, below is the press release from Richmond and also the opening statement by Committee Chairman, Pete King


”Earlier we heard Members quote the FBI Director and Eric Holder. There is a blues song that says, ‘If you tell it, tell it all.’ What we didn't hear quoted was the fact that the FBI Director said ‘home grown extremists and lone wolf activity are as serious a threat to the homeland as al-Qaeda and its affiliates.’ That is not what this hearing deals with. We also heard from Eric Holder that the cooperation of Muslims and Muslim communities has been ‘absolutely essential in identifying and preventing terrorist attacks.’


“I thank the panelists and the witnesses that are here today because I understand the problem that we have. And I will not only say that I think to focus on just the Muslim community is wrong, I will also offer that we could have had another hearing today with some of the same witnesses. …we could have had a hearing entitled: ‘What is driving passive and activist Americans to become militants and extremists?’ That covers the broad rainbow and spectrum of what is happening today in this country, without singling out a specific group.”


View Mr. Richmond’s video remarks here.


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