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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 20:50

Louisiana GOP, Demos Raise Cain Over Fayard, Jindal, BP Fundraiser, Redistricting

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Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comBoth the Louisiana democrats and republicans were "raising cain" today as both parties sent out e-barrages to draw attention to their respective public relations swipes, du jour.   Also, the Republicans announced a new speaker for their big spring shindig, Herman Cain.


The Republicans have seized the opportunity granted on a plate by possible gubernatorial candidate Caroline Fayard who uttered very offensive and controversial words about Republicans, this weekend.

The Louisiana Democratic Party issued two statements today—one highly critical of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s campaign fundraising and his flip-flop regarding his speech which opened the current legislative session on redistricting.

Here are the relevant portions of the three e-mails:

Shocking Fayard Rhetoric Continues...

Baton Rouge - Yesterday, after news reports circulated that that Caroline Fayard had announced her hatred of Republicans who she alleges are cruel and destructive bullies who eat their young, Fayard not only failed to offer any reasonable explanation but appears to have made another verbal gaffe.

"Caroline Fayard's feigned attempt to make amends for her hateful and divisive comments begs more questions than it does answers," said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer.  "If Fayard's remarks were truly taken out of context then the record should be set straight.  Fayard should explain immediately in exactly what context it is acceptable to say that you 'hate Republicans' and that you believe 'they are bullies' who 'eat their young.'"

Despite Fayard's "I'm sorry if you were offended, but I'm not sorry for what I said" retort, it wasn't even the most shocking thing Fayard said Monday.

Fayard told Gambit Weekly that she is "against the president [Barack Obama]," but she doesn't "need to see his birth certificate."

Anyone who paid attention to her campaign for Lt. Governor last year must find that statement laughable.  Last year Fayard gave Obama a B+ grade for his job performance and said that Obamacare was a net-positive for Louisiana.  During her campaign, and still to this day, she has an image of herself with Barack Obama on the front page of her website.

"In light of Fayard's demonstrated penchant for being taken out of context it's hard to know what to make of her latest verbal gaffe," said Baer.  "Either Fayard is once again the victim of reporter taking her out of  context or she truly believes that after a full on embrace of Barack Obama in 2010 that she can shun the unpopular president 2011.  It is truly disappointing that for a second consecutive day Fayard must clarify her remarks, but clarify she must.  Does she still support the big-government liberal in the White House or is she a flip-flopper who cannot be trusted?"

Caroline Fayard's Hateful Rhetoric

Caroline Fayard: “I Hate Republicans.”: “I hate Republicans. I hate Republicans,” [Caroline] Fayard said … “They are cruel and destructive. They eat their young. They don’t think. They don’t allow people to think. They are bullies.” (“Candidate or not?” Washington Parish Daily News, 3/27/11, link)

Fayard Did Not Deny Or Apologize For Her Remarks: "Former Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Caroline Fayard didn't deny or apologize for caustic remarks about Republicans attributed to her in an account of a recent speech..." ("Villere slams Fayard 's 'I hate Republicans' talk," Associated Press, 3/28/11, link)

Fayard Said She Was "Taken Out Of Context":  "In a telephone interview Monday, Fayard did not deny making the comments, but said they were taken out of context and were not part of her prepared remarks." (Jan Moller, " Former Lt. Gov. candidate Caroline Fayard catches flak for comments at Democratic event," New Orleans Times-Picayune, 3/28/11, link)

Caroline Fayard And Barack Obama

On Monday, Gambit Weekly Reported Fayard As Saying She Was Against President Obama.  " Today, [Fayard] says ... "I’m against the president [Barack Obama], but I don’t need to see his birth certificate..." (Kevin Allman, "Caroline Fayard on her 'I hate Republicans' quote," Gambit Weekly, 3/28/11, link)

But Prior To Monday Fayard Had ALWAYS Supported Barack Obama.

Last Thursday, Fayard Praised Obama For Standing Up To Republicans And Predicted His Re-Election: Fayard: "Our president started to stand up to them. He will win re-election as a result. (Republicans) know it. We know it." (“Candidate or not?” Washington Parish Daily News, 3/27/11, link)

In October 2010 Fayard Gave Obama A B+ Grade.  "Republicans are slamming the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor because she gave positive marks to President Obama in a recent candidate forum.  Caroline Fayard, a New Orleans lawyer making her first bid for an elected office, said she would give Obama a "B+" for his performance so far.”  (Melinda Deslatte, “Republicans rally their faithful in BR,” Associated Press, 10/26/10, link)

Also In October 2010 Fayard Called Obamacare "A Net Positive For Louisiana": “HOST: President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan, is it good or bad for Louisiana?  MODERATOR: Starting with Caroline.  FAYARD: I think it’s a net positive for Louisiana. (League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, 10/22/10, video)

Last Year, And To This Day, Caroline Fayard's Website "" Features A Photo Of Her Standing Beside Barack Obama. (link)

Louisiana Dems call on Jindal to Cancel BP Fundraiser

BP subcontractor set to host Jindal campaign fundraiser at corporate offices tonight in Hammond

Baton Rouge – Today, Louisiana Democrats called on Gov. Bobby Jindal to cancel a campaign fundraising event to be hosted by the head of company working as a subcontractor for BP. The event is scheduled for tonight at Worley Catastrophe Response’s corporate headquarters in Hammond.


“It is a clear conflict for Gov. Jindal to take campaign cash from somebody who works for BP at the same time he’s supposed to be holding BP accountable,” said Louisiana Democrats Chair Claude “Buddy” Leach, Jr. “Gov. Jindal should cancel tonight’s fundraiser immediately.”


Worley Catastrophe Response is currently working on behalf of BP and so-called Pay Czar Ken Feinberg to process claims related to last year’s explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Tonight’s $1,000 a plate cocktail reception is being hosted by Mike Worley, the company’s CEO.


Jindal has repeatedly criticized BP’s handling of the claims process and last month filed a motion on behalf of the State of Louisiana asking a federal judge to monitor communications between BP, Feinberg, Worley and oil spill claimants.


“Just last month Jindal intervened in a lawsuit involving Worley Catastrophe Response and tonight he’s heading to their corporate office to fill his campaign coffers a little more,” Leach added. “That’s not the gold-plated ethics reform Bobby Jindal promised Louisiana families four years ago.”


Tell Jindal to take Politics out of Redistricting

Dear ,

A little more than a week ago, Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a speech to open a special session of the Louisiana legislature to redraw our state's election districts. Jindal said legislators should think of themselves as Louisianians first and leave partisan politics  behind.

That's what the Governor said, but unfortunately that's not what he's doing.

Yesterday, Jindal sent two senior aides to a closed-door meeting with Republican members of the Louisiana House of Representatives in a partisan plot to hijack the redistricting process.

Since the meeting was secret, no one really knows what Jindal's message to the Republicans was, but the person who ran that meeting told a newspaper that they discussed a scheme to re-draw the electoral map to help Republicans and eliminate a new district in Shreveport that would contain a majority of African-American voters.

Saying one thing and doing another is becoming a bit of a habit for our Governor.

The redistricting process is simply too important for petty politics and secret meetings. For months, Louisiana Democrats have urged the legislature to take politics out of the process, put the concerns of Louisiana families at the center of it and make sure the voting rights of all Louisianians are protected.

Louisiana Democrats will not allow a process so fundamental to representative democracy to turn into a childish partisan food fight. That's why I'm asking you to call the Gov. Jindal's office right now to tell him to knock it off.

You can call Jindal's office right now at 225-342-7015

Tell Jindal that Louisiana families are sick and tired of good ol' boy politics and shady backroom deals.

Tell the Governor that serving the needs of Louisiana families is more important than serving the needs of his party.

And while you're at it, tell him we'd like to see him in Louisiana a little more often.


Claude "Buddy" Leach, Jr., Chairman
Louisiana Democrats

The republicans issued the following statement regarding regarding Tea Party favorite, Herman Cain who will address the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans:.

Also addressing RLC 2011 will be Jim DeMint, Marsha Blackburn, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Mary Matalin. RLC 2011 is being held on June 16-18th and is being organized by the same committee that produced the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

“I look forward to returning to New Orleans to address the Republican Leadership Conference,” Cain said. “Last year, I explained how important it was for Republicans to win back the House during the midterm elections in 2010. And we did. Now, we set our eyes on the U.S. Senate and the White House. Our momentum continues to grow to get this country back on track, and RLC is a critical component in doing so.” 

"Last year at SRLC, Herman Cain rocked the house," RLC 2011 President & CEO Charlie Davis said. "I am certain that we are in for another amazing address and I'm pleased to welcome him back to another Republican Leadership Conference," he said.

Herman Cain is one of America's most respected business leaders, having worked at the Coca Cola Company and then at the Pillsbury Corporation, where he rose to the position of Vice President at the age of only 34.  He later became CEO and President of Godfather's Pizza, where he turned the company from bankruptcy to profitability in just 14 months.

In 1994, Cain was elected as Chairman of the National Restaurant Association and served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. For five years, Cain hosted his own radio show on 95.5 WSB in Atlanta, the country’s single largest radio station.

In January, Herman Cain established a presidential exploratory committee.


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