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Jindal, Louisiana GOP Congressmen's Map Delay Is Political Way

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Stephen SabludowskyThis week, Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal revealed he would rather wait until next year for a Congressional remap plan that works rather than select one now that doesn’t.  

Never mind that our legislators have been spending taxpayer’s dollars during the spring special redistricting session, racking their brains going through maps after maps to comply with the US Constitution’s mandate of reapportionment.   

Obviously, what Jindal meant to say is he wants to assure that a stronger Republican majority in the legislature will draw more favorable maps for its own party rather than completing business during the special session ending today.  Certainly, it would help his national ambitions if he could show the national GOP that he is delivering Louisiana to its doorstep.

Should there be a delay in devising the congressional districts and should the Republicans get their way this fall, unless the matter is resolved during the upcoming legislative session as President Joel Chaisson has threatened, most of the current Louisiana House Congressional delegation members will get an election-year boost.  It will be virtually impossible for any challenger to unseat an incumbent in 2012 as the Congressional district boundaries would be finalized leaving little time for challengers to mount an offense.

This is political power play at its worse and shows how far our US Congressional delegation members are concerned about keeping party power as well as their own jobs rather than having our state legislators do the people’s business for which they are being paid. 

These events really hit home yesterday, when I received former Congressman Bob Livingston plea for money for the Republican Party.  In the email sent out by the state GOP, Livingston said, “Last year we delivered huge victories for our party gaining 6 of 7 Congressional seats and re-electing our first U.S. Senator in more than 100 years.  Those Republicans are up in Washington, D.C. right now demanding that we finally do something about out-of-control spending and make government live within its means.”

Actually, given these same Louisiana Congressmen’s selfish imposition of their own will upon its own citizens, it appears they have been down here in the state wasting our tax money during the redistricting special session so they have a cushy job for life.

And since Jindal has been on board delaying the redistricting process under the veil that a decision now would hurt tomorrow’s budget talks during the upcoming regular legislative session, it shows how consistently inconsistent he is regarding his own statements and intentions.

Only three weeks ago, he urged the Louisiana legislature to follow the “Louisiana way” and not that of DC.  He said, in Louisiana we act as bipartisans.  At that time, his key aides said the administration would stay in the background and let the legislature chart its own course and knock heads at the end, if necessary.  Yet, hours later, Jindal made it known that he wanted two northern Louisiana Congressional districts--and that would be that.

As this process trickles down to the closing hours, I am reminded how last year, our Governor pounded the federal government and the Obama administration during the BP oil spill ordeal.

Back then, Jindal went on national TV daily claiming that the Obama administration was working with a “remarkable sense” of “lack of urgency”.  Back then, his daily mantra was the feds and Obama should do their jobs or get out of the way.

But now trying to put off today’s decisions until tomorrow for the benefit of personal and political influence shows that things matter little just as long as our current political powerbrokers stay in power while the rest of us and the state goes broke.  

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