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Pat Sajak, Vanna White On Wheels of Katrina Filming America’s Game In New Orleans

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Pat Sajak and Vanna White, two television personality icons of America were in New Orleans filming three weeks worth of the Wheel of Fortune program.  

It was their first appearance in the city in almost six years.  In the summer 2005, the Wheel of Fortune cast was filming in the Big Easy when Hurricane Katrina came down hard and forced a quick and massive evacuation of the city including the television crew.   

That experience will forever be a time landmark in their professional and personal lives. 

Now, in the spring of 2011, the program is intact showcasing the rebuilt city, its culture and its people. 

Prior to filming on Sunday,  interviewed White, Sajak and executive producer Harry Friedman about the Katrina experience, their impressions of that event a half- decade later, the Wheel of Fortune program which touts itself as “America’s Game”. 

Also, Vanna discussed New Orleans food and physical fitness while Sajak fielded questions about the city, the hurricane, the love affair between America and the ever-popular television program. Sajak, a political conservative, who has written political columns even responded to questions about politics in America. 

Vanna White made her debut on Wheel of Fortune in 1982, as the first female co-host of a game show. Pat Sajak is in his 30th year as host of the television quiz show. He joined the series in 1981, when the show aired on network daytime television.  Harry Friedman has been the Executive Producer of the program since 1999 and has produced more than 5,500 episodes.

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