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By Georges, Do We Have A Race For Louisiana Governor?

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By George, it’s John Georges.

The multi-millionaire businessman from New Orleans has decided to put his money where is heart is—trying to serve his community as an elected official.

At least, that would be the assumption considering he has filed today a campaign report showing the loan.  Georges has lent himself a cool 10.1 million dollars for a statewide run, however, for now, it is uncertain as to which office he would pursue, if any.

But, here’s what we know:

Governor Bobby Jindal has raised approximately 10 million dollars with loads of it coming from outside of the state.

Buddy Leach, the Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party has stated that the party would field a viable candidate for the top of the ticket.

Georges, who has spent years behind the scene funding political runs jumped into the Louisiana gubernatorial race in 2007 and into last year’s New Orleans Mayor’s race.

Being ahead of a billion dollar business operation, it would be highly unlikely that Georges would run for any other position other than the big office within the 4th floor at the state’s capital.

Then, there are other signs that something is going on in the land of high-stakes Louisiana Political Land.

Georges is close to Senator David Vitter, Jindal is not. There is little doubt Jindal and Vitter do not get along and that Vitter has a long memory and plenty of reason to want to cause Jindal trouble.

Yesterday, Jindal announced a significant announcement that could have been designed to ward off anyone thinking about jumping in the ring for governor—the backing of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association for his re-election.

Obviously, the questions as to whether Georges will run and if he does so whether he could possibly knock off Bobby Jindal is altogether another matter for many more columns in the future.

Suffice to say, today, in my mind at least, that ten million bucks is parked for one office and for one campaign alone—for the mansion near the house that Huey built.  

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