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Thank You Donald Trump For Giving Birth To Certified Birther Lunacy

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Thank you Donald Trump. 

For months the drum has been beating over the birther issue but only after you got involved in the process did President Obama release the long form of the birth certificate.  For many, your presence gave birth to even more questions about the President’s history and legitimacy.

And thank you Mr. Trump. 

Due to your theatrics over the past few weeks, you have convinced me that you are truly a made-for-TV character prime for the tube but gosh forbid that you would ever step into the Oval Office. 

Here’s why: 

Over the past few days, you have complained that the media has hounded you over the birther issue and have been ignoring your other ideas. But you made it a central part of your campaign trying to attract the anger of the "birther types".  It is you who have continued to take television interviews since you know the topic will be “Birthgate”.  Yet, when the questions begin doubt your credibility, you insult the interviewer.  Then you divert the press conversation to China or better yet, to Obama’s grades for more headlines and even more interviews. 

Over the past few days you have told us that there would be shocking revelations from Hawaii and that you have been told that the certificate “is missing” or “doesn’t exist”.   Now that your bluff has been called it is clear you are either lying or you have grossly negligently trusted investigators who have given you some weapons of self-destruction. 

You have tried to make an issue out of Obama’s grades and asked how he got into universities such as Harvard.  Never mind that Obama made it to the top of his class at Harvard Law School which verifies that he must have the smarts despite prior low grades.  However, your recent barrage of these type of complaints can easily be interpreted as racial code for interested and like-minded ears who have never accepted Obama, in part, due to race.  Why is the grade issue so important? What does it have to do with a birth certificate or to anything else that is really relevant to today? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just say that you are against affirmative action since you are questioning how he advanced to such higher education?

You constantly complain that all the President had to do was to show his birth credentials which he did yesterday and this entire issue would be put to rest.  After seeing so many people worked up over this issue, I openly said early this week on radio that I agree Obama should release the birth information to end this inquisition. But, even thogh I disagree with the President on a number of important issues, I certainly recognize that he has actually been in a damned-if you-do, damned-if you don’t type of tug-of-war. If he held steadfast in ignoring your and others’ abusive inquiries then he is criticized by people like you for covering up. But, if he releases his records although many people felt the issue was really mute due to the overwhelming evidence, then you would then ask for more irrelevant personal records for the purpose of negating the legitimacy of the first half-black U.S. President, whose father came from Africa, whose name was not George Bush, Bill Clinton or George Washington, but Muslim-Barack Hussein Obama .  

Actually, he did get criticized by some of his opponents after he fell for your trap. As you know, political leaders like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA.) complained Wednesday about the President taking time to respond to these ridiculous claims. 

And, Reince Priebus, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee accused Obama of playing "campaign politics" by saying "As I've repeatedly stated, this issue is a distraction,"  and "Unfortunately (Obama's) campaign politics and talk about birth certificates is distracting him from our number one priority -- our economy." 

Then again, thank you Mr. Trump. 

Because of yours’ and others’ insistence that this President should release grades, medical tests, and other information that most public officials would consider totally sacred, private and none of the public’s business, don’t be surprised when others start asking you for your marital records, your personal affairs of romance,  intrigue and divorces, the information about your significant others or any other information you know is irrelevant to you being a public official.  Don’t be surprised if people start complaining that they don’t want to run for office because they pride their own right to privacy.  You and others are opening the Trump Box.  I look forward to your release of all of your personal records dating back from birth including all records of future Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party candidates who want to seek high local, state and national offices or who strive to be rich and famous such as you.  Your campaign of personal and government transparency is indeed inspiring. 

And last, I want to thank you Mr. Trump for the entertainment.  I cannot wait until you answer the questions that media has asked you that you keep saying you will answer tomorrow and then tomorrow.  I can’t wait until those who called Obama a coward or “wishy-washy” because of his delay in getting the U.S. involved in Libya to take issue with you for your brazen suggestions that the Arab nations should have paid the U.S. for fighting this war.   I understand why you are such a hit on “Apprentice”.  How stupid and short-sighted we are.  Your suggestions that pay-before-we-fight a war can take care of our national debt.  Who cares if we would be our kids into mercenaries.  

So, since you want us to trust your for your own abilities and decisiveness please tell us:

Who are your investigators who told you such misinformation about the birth certificate?

Why did you rely upon such wrong information and go so public with such scandalous claims that only feed conspiracy-minded goons and those who want Obama to lose power under any means?

How much information are you willing to tell us about your immense wealth and how you made it to be a multi-billionaire?

How much of your love life are you willing to share with us? 

So, Mr. Trump, I look forward to your Presidential announcement which quite frankly, I do not think you have the courage to make. In the meantime, thanks for the laughs. 

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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