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BP Oil Spill Flows As Louisiana, Gulf, World Damage Shows

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The BP Oil Spill has taken on a life of its own.

For many of us, we know there is a Louisiana legislative session that is on its last legs.  

There is a U.S. Senate race with the two main contenders being Republican David Vitter and Democrat Charlie Melancon that is set to remain very nasty and competitive.  

But, for many of us, the main story of all stories is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obviously, the Senate race and legislative session and other important events will significantly shape the future of Louisiana and  in some respects our nation.  

Certainly not all of Louisiana is so immersed in gulf BP oil news.  I suspect that outside of South Central and Eastern Louisiana, there are actually Louisianans following other stories and talking about matters such as the state budget, LSU football, Saints and summer vacations.  Also, if we haven’t noticed, the rest of the world is focused on other parochial, national and an international matters that cross its collective radar, but the BP stain is seeping into its consciousness as the goo darkens our marshes.      

But, when I think about the immensity of the spill and how it is sending the gulf coast into a frenzy and the making the oil industry shake, reality of total uncertainty is pouring  in.   

I know our way of life in Louisiana will indeed never be the same.

I know the world will begin to reassess its priorities and lifestyles.  

For instance, yesterday, I heard a story that a restaurant up the east coast of the U.S. has stopped putting seafood on its menu.  Yes, not just gulf coast seafood, but all seafood, period.  While that story might be isolated and purely anecdotal, it certainly reveals how the BP oil scare is resonating elsewhere miles from the gulf coast.  

So,  with one eye on hope and the other on reality,  here is a list of ways I believe the spill horrors will touch all of us whether we are in Singapore or  the French Quarter:   
1.    Probable devastation to  the gulf coast  seafood industry and possibly to other areas of the U.S.  
2.    Tremendous damage  to the wildlife, the ecosystem, the beauty and the  lifestyles along  the coast and possibly even to other parts of the eastern US borders;
3.    Absolute short-term and possibly very long term damage to the Gulf of Mexico and other waterways.
4.    A major hit to the towns, cities (such as New Orleans) and  businesses whose  economies are directly tied to the  activities along the toxic zones;
5.    A major downtick in tourism in the souteast United  States;
6.    Serious repercussions to the US  and global economies;  

I am sure there are other possible near and long-term areas of damages and devastations not on this list.  

As our world has embraced globalism, those river of energy blasting up from that pipe rig will pull down many of our dreams and aspirations.   While the southeast part of America may feel the full brunt, all corners of this globe will be touched by the mess made by BP. 

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