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Good Morning BP World: Coast Is Not Clear

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jeffcrouere_150_200A BP good morning to you.  No, the coast  is  not clear.  Not today, Not tomorrow.

Here  is a narrative by Jeff Crouere, columnist of and radio talk show host for WGSO, 990.

Radio broadcast, Tuesday June  15, 2010

Good morning and welcome to another informative edition of Ringside. Leading things off president Barack is touring the Gulf Coast and will be giving a speech tonight following his visit. Are you waiting with baited breath? What do you think the president will speak about and do you think that he is going to rake the coals of BP over their bumbling of the oil spill cleanup as it is now all over the Gulf south.
Speaking of President Obama maybe the adage of 2 years too late applies as a new survey shows that Obama’s 2008 rival Hillary Clinton has an approval rating 12 points higher than our president. Thuugery in Congress? Well its yet another case of bullying by a liberal Democrat as North Carolina representative Bob Etheridge was caught on video accosting a student who asked Mr Etheridge one simple question and that question asked was Did Mr Etheridge believe in the Obama agenda? The response is on tape for all to see as mr Etheridge physically assaulted this poor kid. Talk about insecurities manifesting itself on a large scale. The state legislature continues to put the finishing touches on this year’s session.
Guests today include the publisher of Bayou Buzz Steve Sabuldowsky and he came on to discuss the continuing disaster in the Gulf and also opined on the federal response as President Obama made his 4th visit to the Gulf coast.
Nick Loris who is a researcher who specializes in energy policy with the Heritage Foundation came on the show to discuss an outrageous proposal by President Obama to enact legislation to pass a global warming bill and Mr Loris tells why this is a bad thing and the reasoning used to make this happen is the Gulf spill.
Anton Chatkin who is an associate of former presidential candidate Lyndon larouche came on to talk about an attempt to get our reigning President tossed from the White House and also invoked a theory that this oil spill was planned which in theory is an absolutely ridiculous assertion but then again nothing should surprise. Jim Linn who is the president of RBL Environmental joined the show to talk about one idea to plug the leak in the Gulf. Pastor Bob Martin who is with Challenge Ministries joined the show to talk about his group amongst other things.
Steve Sabuldowsky-publisher Bayou Buzz
Nick Loris-researcher of energy policy with Heritage Foundation
Anton Chatkin-Associate with Lyndon Larouche
Jim Linn-President RBL Environmental
Pastor Bob Martin-Challenge Ministries\
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