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Fayard Out, So Who Takes On Louisiana's Governor Jindal?

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Stephen SabludowskyWill Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal face an opponent this fall when he runs for re-election? 

With today’s announcement that CarolineFayardis now moving towards running for the Secretary of State spot, the possibilities of a competitive gubernatorial election appears even more remote.

Surely, there will be someone who will take on the Governor even if that person is simply a token candidate or even a second tier attraction.  Even popular Ronald Reagan faced opposition his second term.  Someone will hold his or her breath and take the plunge. 

Fayard, in a press release announcing her intentions for this year said the Secretary of State spot is a better fit for her.   

Which decision might mean she could not get sufficient support from the Democratic Party and from other financial backers after her colliding into a political stone wall with her “I hate Republicans” comments weeks ago. 

According to a recent SMOR poll,the Secretary of State spot might be low hanging fruit.  The incumbent Tom Schedler is hardly known throughout the state as 44% of those polled said they did not know enough about him.  Some pundits have claimed that John Georges could possibly run for that same spot as he recently filed a campaign report showing that he had over ten million dollars available for an undetermined statewide run.   

Since Georges is now a Democrat after his foray into the New Orleans mayoral race, it would seem highly unlikely that the only two Democratic political players in the state who have name recognition and money to boot would compete for the same job—especially one that is administrative in nature.  

Which means that if Georges is serious about his campaign filing, it leaves only Lt. Governor and the big spot, that is, a second try against Governor Jindal. 

While Jindal is not setting the world or Louisiana on fire these days with poll numbers and with his negatives as high right now as Senator Mary Landrieu’s, one would think that someone would want to take Jindal on, notwithstanding the roughly ten million dollars the Governor now has in the campaign bank. 

But, who? 

Perhaps a hero or two will rise from the legislative session slugfest going on until June, but if those legislators  voted for a pay raise a couple of years ago, based upon the SMOR poll, the gods are against them.  The poll summary said that “eighty-six percent of the respondents said they were less likely to vote for state legislators who supported giving themselves a pay raise.”  Therefore, that could limit the field that much more.

So, in my view, the pressure and even the spotlight might be on Georges to take on Jindal.  He has face and name recognition.  Jindal is not the “rockstar” he was in 2007 and his sheen has worn thin for some.   The Governor will also have to face the voters who are not enthralled with his performance, the state of affairs in Louisiana and the possibility that he will take off for another job (perhaps U.S. Senator) as soon as he is sworn in.   Also, Governor Jindal will make few friends this spring simply because he will be presiding over a budget deficit that  some believe he has caused while others believe he is not squarely spending cuts with the Louisiana garage sale of state properties.

So far, Georges has been very closed-mouth over his intentions. 

Without doubt, many will say that Georges is a two-time loser, a spoiled-rich kid who wants to buy a seat at the mansion, and is no match for the fast-speaking Jindal.  It is hard to forget that Jindal clobbered him the last time they met almost four years ago.

But, Georges is no slouch.  Anyone who runs a billion dollar company must be doing something right.  The big question is whether he wants to take his chump change and invest it on a race most say he has not a shot.  

For now, that is the ten million dollar question. 

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of


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