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Tea It Up For Edwin Edwards For Pardon, Governor, Wife Trina Posts

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Pardon ex-Governor Edward Edwin?

Yes, says his new wife Trinia.

In fact, the enterprising wife of less than one month is asking her Facebook friends to "Ask Obama To Pardon Edwin Edwards" and is also asking her friends which tee shirt, emblazoned with the Governor's picture, would be best to go to the printers.  Her post says, Final Choices??? This is it and then its going to the printers this afternoon.

Below are over 30 comments which support the Governor's re-entry into political office and others who want to help pick the right color.

  • Whatcha think?
    Final choices??? Which one? This is it and then its going to the printers this afternoon.
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  • The notion of Edwards running for office has spawned a lot of discussion over the Internet.  Here are samples:

     Renee McCollum White Come on people, a pardon for Edwin Edwards so he can run again????? Give it up! He is a criminal with years in prison to prove it.

     Jeff Green I'll vote for Edwin Edwards.

     Vickie Angelle Courville Ask the president to pardon Edwin Edwards Good Day Friends- today if u have a moment please call the White House comment line             202-456-1111       it only takes a few mins- or post on the WH FB page-Together we can get this done! Thx!

    1 day ago

     Alex Peck Yeah,leave slick Eddie alone!&his cherry pie too:) My name is Brenda- i created this fb page because like many other Louisianians we adore our Gov. We believe the good this man has done in La far outweighs why we r asking for a pardon. EWE is a legend, a dignitary, a veteran, a friend, a good man even to those who can nothing for him- he deserves a pardon and the dignity it would bring to his life~ Ask Obama to Pardon Edwin Edwards

     1 hour ago

     Roby Peoples If he cud run rite now,,,He wud WIN!!! Politician Edwin Edwards

     3 hours ago

    Deidra Smoot-Hall Ask Obama to Pardon Edwin Edwards we must sign on facebook , spread the word. Go on Edwin Edwards FB page. yea yea yea yea

    4 hours ago

     Eric Dugas Vote for Edwin Edwards yes I would do it all over again.

    4 hours ago

     Bonnye Good Favorite political slogan so far this year: He's served his time and now it's time for him to serve! (Edwin Edwards supporters who want him to get pardoned so he can run for La. gov again. (!)

    5 hours ago

     Brandon Scott Book Facebook Friends: If you are supporter of Former Governor EdwinEdwards and would consider voting for him in the upcoming Gubernatorial Election please do as I just did. I urge you to to like the page entitled "Ask Obama to Pardon Edwin Edwards". If we can get President Obama to pardon Former Governor Edwards then he will run for a 5th term as Governor of the Great State of Louisiana. I'm a supporter! How about you?

    14 hours ago

     Jan Ramsey Just heard--in horror--that some morons are trying to make it possible forEdwin Edwards to run for office again by lobbying for a presidential pardon. There's a freakin FB page. DON'T HIT IT!!!! Oh yeah, and he says he will run. No wonder Louisiana isnthe laughingstock of the country (among a lot of other reasons).

    15 hours ago

     Shane N Angie Bernard Just read that Edwin Edwards wants President Obama to give him a full pardon so he can run for governor again. If he could have run from prison he might have won. The sad thing he would get a lot of votes.

    16 hours ago

     Mableline Bk There's a "Like Page" that says "Ask Obama to Pardon Edwin Edwards.", whom by the way was former Governor/felon of Louisiana. They're out of their fot'n minds! I believe in 2nd chances, but not for that or any political position. The person who started that "Like Page" knows good fot'n well if he was of another nationality they wouldn't have given it a thought at all. Yeah I said it because that's how they are down here and yes I'm calling them out. He bet not pardon...jack!! So Disgusting.

    16 hours ago

     Marc Greene Edwin Edwards- Louisiana Man

     16 hours ago

     Deanna Beaubouef So apparently Edwin Edwards is trying for a presidential pardon. Would he run for governor of Louisiana then?? And would Louisiana actually elect him again?????

    16 hours ago

     Nathan Fontenot Edwin Edwards want's To run again yay

    17 hours ago

     Ed Peters Did you see the news, Edwin Edwards is trying to get a parden so he can run for office. When he got out of prision he said that his poliical life is over.

    18 hours ago

     Lynette Belleau Miller Edwin Edwards wants a pardon, so he can run for g

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