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BP Oil Perception Spillover: Obama, Moratorium, Louisiana GOP And DC Democrats

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It is said "oil and water do not mix".
Add some a dose of politics and you'll really find chaos.
That is what we are facing as the BP oil spill settles into our wetlands, our beaches and then soaks into our fears and our belief systems.
One that is made even more confusing because we are at war against the very product of our own inventions—oil used for electricity and other commodities.
We are witnessing the possible destruction of an economy, cultural institutions, a lifestyle and natural bounties--the gulf and its shores, god- made-gems, of which we have all taken for granted.
We are quite cautious and concerned when we consider the kind of government actions that would never be implemented unless times were radical and solutions were urgent.
It is indeed a strange chaotic time.  
It is an odd moment when we realize our President has embarked on a moratorium whose effects could shut down whole oil-related industries and communities.  It is weird when some of our government leaders who preach the virtues of small government are now crying out for big government answers.  It is foreign when every day we look to see how our once precious and invincible land is being violated.  Under these conditions, it is time to ask difficult questions with the hopes of taming this chaos.   
Which has been my daily journey and especially yesterday when I received an email that really got my attention.  

The email was part of a blast from Roger Villere, the Louisiana Republican Party Chairman and currently a candidate for Louisiana Lt. Governor. He sent the email message in his capacity of party chairman.  Villere was ridiculing Obama and the democrats for taking a stand on a particular issue that might have been good government but seemed to put congressional  democrats in an awkward position, appearing insensitive  to the gulf coast’s needs.
Villere closed his email statement by saying, "These statements by Nancy Pelosi’s office shed even further light as to the real reason Democrats are blocking our recovery and cleanup efforts.  It’s time for Democrats to put aside partisan politics and catering to the liberal left and focus on getting the job done on cleaning up this mess that they're helping to create.”
I sent this reply to Chairman Villere:
Roger,  I for one am very hopeful that as many people in Congress come visiting.  I have read the other side to the argument and believe  can understand  their position but  feel they are making a pr blunder.  

You said:  “It’s no surprise that some are starting to wonder why so many D.C. Democrats, from the President to Pelosi, seem content to leave the future of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast in such peril,”

But, do you really believe  that those DC democrats of which you refer want  to destroy the  gulf to ensure that their  energy agenda gain wind?

His response was "I fear the mortarium is meant by some D.C. Democrats, possibly including the President + the Speaker , to destroy the Gulf drilling operations permanently. This would ensure that their energy agenda would be able to gain wind. A lot of people believe this and it makes everyone wonder about Washington's actions or in-actions in the Gulf."
Villere’s message appeared to be simple:  He fears and he believes that others think that the DC democrats and Obama-Pelosi are using the Gulf of Mexico deep sea oil drilling moratorium and engaging in other actions or inactions to destroy Gulf drilling operations permanently making way for a different energy industry?
It would be easy to dismiss Villere's email and his reply to my question as saying that he is very partisan, is fulfilling the job as Louisiana GOP Chairman and is even using the issue as he runs for state-wide office.
But, stating such would not ignore the fact that I have heard a number of very intelligent people utter comments very similar to Villere's.  
I believe Villere has tapped into belief shared by others.  Therefore, I think it is  only fair to  ask these questions that  I have  also heard in  recent weeks—is it the republican party agenda to build  political capital on the  back of an unpopular moratorium and are  they trying to demonize  the party and the person in power to reach its goals?
In reality, no matter the answers, just the fact that many respectable people are essentially making the same statement as Villere and others are asking these questions about the republicans speaks volumes about the significance of the Gulf of Mexico crises and about the air of rancor in which these questions and statements are being posed.   
The spillage of vast amounts of oil into our waters comes at a time when our nation is already in a state of economic and political chaos and turmoil.  Many of us are assuming that this "war" as in most real ones between nations will have a clear cut winner and a loser.  However, that just might not be the case.  After all, we do not know how long the oil will spill, how bad is the mess and which way the winds will blow (literally).
Because of these significant uncertainties while many of us are shouting for action, there are also occasions that we should be listening to one another and stop trying to make political gotcha points..  If we are fighting these battles with an eye on the next election, if we are destroying economies and lifestyles to promote an agenda, then we surely are in one heck of a mix of a fix.
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