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Has BP Changed Its Policy Towards Media Access?

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Is BP allowing its employees and contractors to be  more accessible to the media?  For weeks one of the biggest complaints within the media and others was the lack of media availability to those who on on the ground or in the waters helping with  the Oil Spill  efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.  In fact, officials from the Coast  Guard have told  media in Louisiana that the  BP contractors had signed  a confidentiality agreement preventing the contractors from talking with the media.

Today, BP issued this statement on its  web site:

Everyone involved in the response effort should "feel free to talk" to media about their experiences.

BP today offered additional guidance and clarification to all personnel to ensure that members of the response team – including, but not limited to, all government, BP, and contract personnel – know they are free to talk to the media.

"I want to thank everyone for their tremendous commitment to lead and support the response and cleanup efforts," said Doug Suttles, COO of BP. "I really cannot say this enough: BP wants all individuals to feel free to share their thoughts and experiences with journalists, if they so choose. BP has not and will not prevent anyone from sharing his or her own experiences, opinions, or views."
BP has provided guidelines and "media access cards" (samples attached) to be distributed at all levels of operations. The cards include helpful tips and a 1-800 number personnel can call for more information.
More information about BP's media policy can be found on BP's web site

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