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Orwell's Animal Farm Is Key In Understanding Tea Party

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Animal Farm“all animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

-the pigs, in the classic novel “animal farm” 

forget “1984”…. “animal farm” is the george orwell novel that is far more relevant in understanding today’s tea party, its motives and its minions.

their dangerous form of bile and exclusion is at the heart of what i find most offensive about so many of the tea party’s acknowledged leaders. they can’t stand gay people; they can’t stand minorities of any kind except the “right kind” who they can name, literally. in some cases they can’t even stand each other, a position i heartily embrace. 

clearly, they show us daily that they believe that some are more equal than others. rhetoric on my part? just look at the record and judge for yourselves…all of these diatribes have occurred in the past few months: 

when pointing out the obvious, that there is indeed a not-so-hidden racist element among their factions, tea party talking heads and columnists think the way to refute that is by identifying minority members of the party…by name! that’s right folks. there are so few minorities among them that teabaggers can tell you their actual names. for example, that’s what one area apologist/publicity mucker did in trying to gloss over the teabag rhetoric….he named two people running for president on the “hey i’m a loon” ticket as their shining example of diversity. 

Not only can’t teabaggers stand non-christians who refuse to kneel at their altar of hypocrisy and fear, hell, they can’t even stand fellow christians like those well known extremists and threats to democracy…the methodists!

can’t make this stuff up. a direct quote from tea party nation’s president jud phillips: “if you hate america, you have a great future in the methodist church.”  oh yeah, he also calls them marxists. good lord. where’s the exorcist when you need one. 

anyone who dares disagree with a tea party honcho is a marxist or a socialist or unpatriotic or godless don’t you know? but don’t dare say that the tea party isn’t intolerant, you commie nazi! 

equally disgusting is their total intolerance of gay/lesbian american citizens, to the point of justifying brutality against school children.

an outrageous charge by me just to shock you? no.

ricky swier is one of the leading framers of tea party ideology as evidenced by his role as consultant and author for the tea party nation and teabook, a separate teabag networking group, to name just two of his several affiliations with the party. i wonder who pays his salary. 

swier, in an article you can find from last june on teabook regarding kids being beaten by classmates because they are gay or thought to be gay: "this is not bullying. it is peer pressure and is healthy.”  he ostracizes the victims of abuse, blames the victims for getting beaten, and excuses the perpetrators of the violence. 

i hope you’re as disgusted as i am. 

one can only imagine his position on civil unions and trying to force real patriots like gay and lesbians serving in the military into submission.

but let’s not forget racism and fearmongering, because swier has an opinion on that too. earlier this year in an email blast to its  members, tea party nation quoted swier as saying unless something dramatic is done the “white anglo saxon protestant population is headed for extinction.”! 

animal farm’s napoleon the pig and his pack of vicious dogs had nothing on these cats. 

these are actual stories and quotes directly from tea party leaders, directly from massively circulated tea party communications, and those are just the few i used as examples. there are hundreds more just like these you can find with very little research or even internet searching. and they wonder why we think they’re twisted.  and so, after wading through the sewer of tea party dogma and washing the stench from my tired bones you can finally see what’s left.

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