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The Many Faces Of New Orleans's Garland Robinette

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RobinetteThe many faces of Garland Robinette.

He walked down the decade of the 80’s with Angela Hill as “The New Orleans couple”.   

Angela Hill

 He again emerged as the King of Local Radio speaking to thousands every minute as he hosted his think tank on WWL radio.

Yet, last week after the Times Picayune broke an article that questions whether WWL radio host, Garland Robinette,  took a $250,000 loan in 2007 from Fred Heebe, the co-owner of the River Birch landfill he has taken on a new face of doubt in the minds of many who question if he broke his long-standing trust with the community who has adored him.  

 After all, no less than James Gills, the always sharp and biting, yet humorous Times  Picayune took his own shot on Wednesday saying, “Robinette resumed his slot on the radio and sought to dispose of the issue with a brief testimonial to his own integrity. He emerged looking more contemptible than ever. As he would once have been the first to tell you, there is no excuse for betraying the public trust. Never was.”

 Yet, WWL radio which is standing behind Robinette during this controversy have a different view as is expressed in showcase piece on its own website:

 ”Everyone  in the Gulf South from Texas to Florida knows Garland Robinette as the singularly intelligent voice of reason in a region battered to the limits of endurance by disasters, natural and otherwise. As the mid-day host on WWL, the 50,000-watt powerhouse radio station that reaches over two million people, he talks the despairing off the ledge and weaves narrative lines from tangled webs. If talk radio everywhere followed Garland’s warm rational humility, we’d be living in a less fractious world. In addition to moderating competing ideologies within the region, he has become the face of New Orleans to the nation, explaining the issues facing the area on NBC, MSNBC and PBS.”

 So, is Robinette the “more contemptible than ever” as expressed by the “sword of the TP” or is he the voice of reason with warm rational humility?

 Once Garland Robinette reveals or perhaps is able to reveal his facts involving the River Birch loan, it will be determined if he is just another disappointment in a long string of local leaders who have lost their sense of ethics or if he remains the man who has been the face of the city, if not its voice. 

Here are some Robinette moments of the past: 

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