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New Orleans Saints v. Chicago Bears: Payton, Forte, Parcells, Sproles, Reggie Bush

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Sean PaytonSaints coach Sean Payton was on SiriusXM Radio on Monday. . Slices of the interview follow in which he discusses the Chicago Bears, Matt Forte, Bill Parcells, Darren Sproles and more. 

On how he handled this week's schedule coming off a Thursday night game.

"We did it pretty much the same way we handled coming off the Thursday night game of last year. We came in on Friday. The players had treatment and weights. We watched the tape.made the corrections and then met as coaches. The players and coaches were off  Saturday and Sunday.

"Today (Monday) we kind of had a full day. It's really a bonus day on the schedule on Chicago. We introduced our base first and second down. The players got a jump start to the scouting report. Usually, that would take place on Wednesday with the off day being Tuesday They were off  Saturday and Sunday. Monday was a bonus day for us for Chicago. It was an introduction for some things we want to\ do in that game. They will be off Tuesday and then we will be in a normal routine on Wednesday"

On Bears running back Matt Forte (former Tulane standout)

"He's definitely a good running back. We saw him grow up in our own backyard at Tulane. We are going to have do a really good job when it comes to gap responsibility.  Last week, we got  a team that was very dangerous throwing the ball. The formula is, and we have used this and know it well, the ability to score and throw  early  to finish games on the ground with some run and play action pass is something that is not new.

"The challenge of a week ago was the amount  of receivers, the amount of one-back, shotgun, empty plays and being able to to handle that from a defensive perspective. These guys are very talented at Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers has come into his own over the last couple of years and is playing at an extremely high level.

On the challenge the Bears bring

"Just watching some of the TV copy of the Bears-Falcons game, it looked like they made a lot of plays on defense. Offensively, they were very opportunistic. They had the big screen pass for a touchdown.. You could see that they were winning in all three areas. Their special teams have always excelled. It's going to be a big challenge for us. There is enough stuff on tape from the other night to say 'we have to  clean this up.'

"We had a punt return for a touchdown which really shifted momentum and then a quarter later we are giving up a kick return for a touchdown. That shifted the momentum back. There is enough for all of us to look closely at and that is what we begin doing today."

On how the Bears  playing the Falcons in week one helps in their preparation for this week

"It is valuable. What is valuable is there is some likeliness to what Atlanta might want to do offensively with running and throwing the ball.  When you put the tape on, you can see a little bit of what Chicago wanted to do defensively and what they might try to do the following week.

"The same way on the other side of the ball. Atlanta is based out of a 4-3 front just as we are. You can begin to see how the offense of the Bears attacks that defense. There are some similarities there and that is important especially early in the season."

On how Bill Parcells would say "that guy is just a football player" and if Darren Sproles would fit that description

"I can recall when we were in Dallas together and Sproles was coming out of Kansas State. Thee are some height and weight requirements at a lot of positions. Which are pretty common in our league and they might vary by team. At the running back position, Bill would be a lot more lenient. In other words, history has shown that running backs that go on to have great careers come in all shapes and sizes.

"Bill came back from the Senior Bowl and all he kept talking about was Darren  Sproles. That is pretty significant because he is someone that valued size, strength, height and weight. Darren made had made that impression on him and he made that impression on all of us, certainly with the start of his career at San Diego. We are glad he is here now. Everyday it seems like there is something that happens with him where you look at each other and say 'wow'."

SOME hither, others yon: Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski tied an NFL record on Monday night when he booted a 63-yard field goal. The last 63-yard field goal was kicked by the Broncos' Jason Elam in 1998 and the Saints' Tom Dempsey in 1970...Former Colts coach Tony Dungy believes Peyton Manning suffered a neck injury in a  2006 game against the Redskins when he was hit low then high. "Manning stretched his neck and shook his right arm as if he was trying to get feeling back in it, "recalls Dungy...

Reggie Bush in his first appearance as the Dolphins' featured RB had 11 carries  for 38 yards and caught nine passes for 56 yards and a touchdown on a 2-yard pass...The Saints released RB Patrick Cobbs from the injured reserve list after agreeing to an injury settlement. Releasing him will allow him to catch on with another team...

by Ed Staton

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