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Chairman of GOP Villere Talks Louisiana Democratic Decline, Tea Party

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VillereOver the past years and particularly over the past week, it has become very obvious that the Republicans rule Louisiana.  Last week, no major Democrat with popularity or money qualified for statewide office.

Why?   How is it that the Democratic Party which completely dominated statewide government is now very much on the outside of power? 


Below is the second part of the interview with Bayoubuzz.com

Villere said that he believes the people of Louisiana have moved to be more conservatives and the conservative Democrats have left that party because they believe the party is liberal as he said the current President is who he said reflects the party.

Villere said the Democratic Party is hurting businesses due to the regulation of business.

The Chairman also rejects the notion that the lack of regulation caused the economy to fall under President Bush and said the collapse was due to the liberals forcing the lending of money which were bad loans.

Villere also responded to questions regarding the Tea Party.

Villere said he thinks the Tea Party are made up of people who were not involved in government but who were frustrated with the republican and democratic party.  He said he thinks they believe the United states has changed from what it was when they grew up.

Villere compared the Tea Party movement to the Boston Tea Party. 

Villere also discussed his dual roles of being the Chairperson of the Louisiana party but also being on the executive committee of the Republican National Committee.

Bayoubuzz asked Villere how the Republican Party will work together with the Tea Party and said that both will push their own respective candidates however, the Republican agenda is more broad than that of the Tea Party.

Villere said he thinks it is great that people are more involved in political discourse as is the Tea Party.                                                                                                                                                                                            



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