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Gregg Williams To Appear Before NFL For New Orleans Saints Bounties Scrutiny

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gregg-williamsGregg Williams, now defensive coordinator of the Rams, probably will get the longest suspension. He has been summoned by the NFL to come to New York for a league meeting regarding paying players in at least one city -- and reportedly more -- bounties to injure opponents.

Why is Williams going to New York? On at least one occasion, Williams and other coaches and players, said they know nothing about players being paid extra for turnovers and/or kill shots.

The league discovered that Williams may have run a bounty program when serving as the defensive coordinator of the Redskins and as head coach of the Bills. The league is not aware of bounty systems in other cities and either the league didn't ask Williams about it, or that Williams didn't tell.

If Williams was asked and didn't tell, he undoubtedly faces an extra level of consequences, up to and including banishment from the league.

Loomis and Payton appear to be facing disciplined as well, and players involved could be suspended. The NFL said 22 to 27 players on the Saints were involved, but the league hasn't said who those players are.

What is clear is that Commissioner Roger Goodell is preparing to come down hard. After the Spygate scandal, Goodell stripped the Patriots of a first-round draft pick, fined Bill Belichick $500,000 and fined the Patriots $250,000.

All indications are that the sanctions for the Saints will be significantly more severe.

John Clayton, --"To have a coach (Williams) broker hits that are intended to damage the health of opponents can't, and won't be tolerated. That's why I believe the penalty for this NFL crime will exceed the $750,000 fines and loss of a first-round draft choice and I wouldn't be surprised if the league takes away a second-round or third-round pick this yes and a first-rounder next year.

"The people involved in the Saints front office who allowed this to happen or didn't stop it when confronted with the possibility should be fined severely and suspended."

by Ed Staton


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