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New Orleans Councilmember Stacy Head Announces 5 Point Action Plan To Make Families Safer

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Will Make New Orleans Families Safer


Councilmember Stacy Head, a candidate for the New Orleans City Council at Large in the March 24 election, today announced a five-point action plan that will make New Orleans families safer.


"It is abundantly clear that the voters of New Orleans consider crime the number one issue facing them," said Councilmember Head. "I want to help solve that problem. If we can make families safer, we will build stronger neighborhoods, attract new businesses and create jobs," she continued.

Councilperson Head's plan has five priorities:

1. Hire More Police. "Our current police force is far too small," said Councilmember Head. "We must increase its size, build up reserves and utilize the State Police more often."  

2. Put More Cops On The Beat. "We must take cops from behind desks and assign them to patrol our neighborhoods," Councilmember Head explained.

3. Mobilize the FBI To Help Train Police. "We need to put the FBI's expertise to work," she said. "Better training means a stronger, more effective police force. We will also require continuing education for police to improve investigations, police reports and police testimony.

4. Upgrade Equipment. "Our police need modernized equipment and technology," Councilmember Head continued. "By redirecting resources, we can ensure that the police have the police have the tools they need to get the job done."

5. Fight Blight. "The final step is to rid neighborhoods of blighted properties that threaten public safety and public health," said Councilmember Head.

"As I travel across the city, voters are speaking

strongly about wanting to make their families safe. I am committed to helping achieve this goal," Councilmember Head concluded.

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