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Whodat Saints Fans Rising Against NFL, No-Goodell

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and behold, the false prophet and grand inquisitor roger no-goodell made his pronouncement from on high, and at that moment as the lightning and the thunder came and fell upon the city, the city rose up and shook their fists at the grand inquisitor and said, screw you goodell. we survived the feds and katrina and prevailed, you pissant. screw your scapegoating us for the good of your corporate image. we will not go quietly, and when we come hell's coming with us.

scapegoated for a common leaguewide practice that’s been an open secret, yet the grand inquisitor can only find grievous fault in the dome? his blinders need readjustment. it’s time for an independent investigation of the league, because since bountygate became a word we’ve heard publicly from numerous sources in numerous cities that the practice is prevalent throughout the league. but clearly, the league only wants to nail the saints.


this is corporate hypocrisy and nothing better. there is no moral prerogative here. this is goodell covering his butt because the league is inundated in a swarm of injury-related lawsuits that are on the record… but no one’s mentioning them right now are they? in order to make a public relations point about how he’s opposed to violence in a league that feasts on it, he’s ready to throw the who dat nation under the bus.


new orleans againts the world. we've been there before. hell, we live there. no problem. screw 'em all.


if the league office is so concerned about the players’ health, why are they pushing for an 18-game season and shorter work weeks and more weekday games that will undoubtedly lead to more injuries?


why did goodell fight throughout the past off-season against the players’ reps when they sought to expand health benefits and limit off-season workouts?


the inquisitor says that the saints lied to him and that justifies harsher punishment…but if that’s so, shouldn’t goodell be punished as well? after all, for years he’s officially been deceiving the public and ticket-holders about the lasting impact of the violence engendered in the game?


as david zirin stated so beautifully in “the nation”: 

“even if they did “mislead” and “misrepresent” on bounties, think about the ways that goodell has “misled” and misrepresented” the public about the true effects of violence in his sport. this is a league with a 100 percent injury rate, a concussion epidemic and a history of sending concussed players into games. it’s why they’re being sued by a large collection of former star players, including jim mcmahon, mark duper and hall of famers carl eller, john hannah and chuck bednarik.”


the powers-that-be in the league have been trying to cut the saints down ever since we got successful. they wanted us to succeed, but not succeed too much because it has interfered with their script. after katrina we were the league darlings because we earned it. but face it, the official darlings are and always have been the brett favres, mannings, the cowboys, the packers,  the patriots and giants. we're the kids who came back after the storm in a small market who were supposed to be just a feel-good story. now, they want their galaxy back in alignment.


and anyone who thinks the patriots or giants or packers would have gotten the same penalties as the saints is on acid.


meanwhile, in the wake of this nfl travesty, we are reminded that the saints have the most inventive, creative, funny and resourceful fans in the league. i absolutely love the many imaginative methods of expression this event has revealed in us. we all dat and a bag o' zapp's, baby!


so for this column, all that’s left is to show you just a few of my favorite social media images that reveal the resolve and relentlessness of a people that refuse to take punched without returning them in-kind. who dat nation forever, baby.

-sid arroyo


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