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Why Advertise On Bayoubuzz?

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Why advertise on

For starts, is the “Buzz of Louisiana”

Also, Louisiana business's and governments' movers, shakers and decision-makers read Bayoubuzz regularly for its statewide news,  information and commentaries.  They have been doing so now for the past 12 years.

Bayoubuzz provides news about government, politics, business, entertainment, sports and local news about New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport and other Louisiana towns and cities.

Your ads will be seen by an audience under the banner of a trusted news and information source.  


Bayoubuzz Content

Bayoubuzz is all about Louisiana—its leaders, its people and its politics.  Below are some of the content subjects and categories we offer on the website and the daily newsletter:

Bayoubuzz Website 




Louisiana Content

Louisiana News

Gulf Oil Disaster


Louisiana Politics

Louisiana Government News 

Louisiana Business

Health, Medicine & Biotech

Louisiana Political Blogs


Louisiana Cities

Shreveport News

Baton Rouge News 

NewOrleans News

Lafayette News






Politics, Government Group



  Top News



Community Photos




 Watch Short Video:  Content overview

Bayoubuzz Daily Newsletter

Bayoubuzz Daily Newsletter

(The Daily Buzz)

In addition to the website, your ads will appear on the Bayoubuzz Daily Newsletter which goes out to thousands every day to one of the very best email lists in the state.  The newsletter provides short introduction and links to the Bayoubuzz website.     

 Watch short video about newsletter

Bayoubuzz Advertising 


Bayoubuzz Web Ads-We will target your message


Advertising on Bayoubuzz is easy and effective.We feature banner (of numerous types and sizes) and text advertising on our newsletters and on our website.We also offer advertorials on our website and newsletter.


Web Banner and Text Ads 

Our banner ads are industry standards and can be placed at various locations to target the audience you want to reach. 


Bayoubuzz offers two types of advertorials, a newsletter and a web advertorial:

Bayoubuzz Newsletter Advertorial

The newsletter advertorial is a short but prominent narrative written by the advertiser which can be up to two inches in height and can be placed at the top  of the newsletter. It can include a small photo.  The newsletter advertorial will include “Paid for by…” or “advertisement” to indicate that it is not a Bayoubuzz endorsement.


Bayoubuzz Web Advertorial

The advertiser supplies Bayoubuzz with content.  It appears just like a regular Bayoubuzz article. The story also will appear upon many of the news search engines and other major Internet search engines such as Google.  At the bottom of the Advertorial will appear the words,  “Paid for by …“ or “Advertisement”.  The web advertorial can include photo, audio and video.There could be an enhanced cost for production.The advertorial will include a link to the article from our newsletter. 


Web Advertorial Article

Example of a Bayoubuzz Web Advertorial, read as if it were a regular article, except it is clearly marked as an advertorial or paid for by the advertiser.  

To promote the web advertorial, we will link to it from our newsletter. Position of this newletter placement varies as to price.  (See above) on


Web advertorial appears on Google and other Search engines 


Package Deals and Sponsorships

Bayoubuzz, not only can offer to you competitive and affordable prices on its own Internet properties but has developed relationships with others in the industry to help provide to you effective advertising on other sites. Ask us about the package deal.

Bayoubuzz’s Publisher and owner, Attorney Stephen Sabludowsky is the founder of Politics with a Punch, a very popular impromptu political comedy panel show, now in the 10th year. Ask us to include your advertising package with Politics with a Punch sponsorhship. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Althea at (althea AT or 504-909-8023  

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