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Pinsonat: Talks Louisiana Senate And Lt. Gov, Races, Tea Party, Jindal

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With a very important Louisiana US Senate race, a Lt. Governor’s race, focus on the Tea Party, the BP Oil Spill issue,  and with Governor Jindal  on national television  almost-daily, Bayoubuzz felt it  was time to feel the pulse of the Louisiana community.  So, we turned to Bernie Pinsonat, pollster and political analyst from noted Louisiana pollster & political pundit Bernie Pinsonat (Southern Media and Opinion Research) SMOR.  Bayoubuzz sent email questions to Pinsonat today and   here  is his emailed response.  We certainly will be touching base with Pinsonat and others during  this very interesting and critical time  in  Louisiana’s history.  Now, here's Bernie:

BB:  If the Louisiana Republican US Senate Race primary were to be held today, what do you think would be the outcome?

Pinsonat:  I never thought Traylor was of any consequence to stop Vitter from reaching the November election as the republican nominee. Apparently we have reporters who write just about anything these self interest political party operatives feed them. The Traylor vs Ellington feud, which by the way is well documented, was always going to surface. With very little effort I was able to discover the latest source of irritation between Traylor and Ellington! This primary election is what democrats thought would save them – what a joke – Gee I wonder why the democrats are becoming a minor party?

BB: What is the basis of your opinion?

Pinsonat:  Democrats in Louisiana are headed for a long period of being inconsequential – Landrieu voting for President Obama’s health care legislation and against the vast majority of her constituents here in Louisiana was a disaster for democrats. Now the Obama oil moratorium is pushing Louisiana to being the most anti-democrat of the fifty states. Louisiana is now fire engine red!  

BB: If the Louisiana Lt. Governor’s race were to be held today, what do you think would be the outcome?

Currently, Secretary of State Jay Dardenne is the favorite

BB: What is the basis of your opinion?
Pinsonat:  He is not a cinch because of the divide within the Republican Party establishment. But he clearly has an advantage in money and name recognition – plus his home base in and around Baton Rouge loves him.

BB: What impact do you believe the Tea Party will have on the upcoming Louisiana statewide elections?

Pinsonat:  I do not believe the Tea party name will be the driving force in these elections. However the tea party type voters are the vast majority of people who vote and they will get out and vote big time. Over 50 (age) voters are now dominating our elections and they are going to be the force that decide most outcomes. Their dissatisfaction with President Obama and his policies are motivating these voters.

BB: With Governor  Jindal’s positives now in the seventies, do you forsee any formidable challenges should he decide to run for re-election?

Pinsonat:  Governor Jindal is also taking advantage of the very unpopular President Obama’s policies – The oil spill and the president’s response was a “God Send” to Vitter and Jindal!   Jindal has zero obstacles to stop him from being reelected. Even if he suffers hits  from budget cuts and high unemployment – the democrats are no threat to his reelection. After all – he is now passing lots of his controversial legislation re: the budget with democrat support / not republicans! The democrats are his enablers – what can they complain about! The odds makers in Vegas won’t even takes bets on Jindal’s reelection odds!

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