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Nail-biting time for Louisiana's Governor-Bobby Jindal

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   jindal-difference  It’s nail-biting time for Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.  Will he or won’t he?
    We’re speaking, of course, of whether presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will select Jindal as his vice presidential running mate.


     It is expected that Romney will make his selection public as soon as the Summer Olympic Games are completed.  
    Forget all that chatter from Jindal that he has the job he wants.  He has been tirelessly traveling the country for Romney in hopes of  landing the number two spot on the ticket.
    Most analysts agree that the deck is stacked against Jindal.  With the race between Romney and incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama a dead-heat in most polls, it seems unlikely Jindal would get the call.
    Louisiana’s eight electoral votes are already solidly in Romney’s corner, and he needs some help in toss-up states with more electoral votes, such as Ohio and Florida, both of which could play a key role in the outcome of the election.
    But keep in mind that Presidential candidates have surprised political analysts before.  One needs only to look back four years when Republican candidate John McCain picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
    The smart money is on U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio.  Other favorites are former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.
    The Republican National Convention is set to begin on August 27 in Tampa, Florida.
    An Aside:     If Jindal is selected for vice president on the GOP ticket, the question is would he resign his position as governor.  Likely not.  If the GOP ticket loses, he would be out of a job.  His term as governor is not up until 2015.


 by Lou Gehrig Burnett, publisher of Fax-Net



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