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Trina’s new reality for Edwin Edwards, a Louisiana man with a history

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edwards-trina-news-conferenceAlthough Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards will no longer be the top man at the mansion, he will be man in the house of the new reality TV show, The Governor’s Wife, premiering Sunday on A & E.

 Edwards and his third wife Trina will be featured in the new life and times of the former governor, former convict and new parents to a baby boy.  Trina, in her early thirties, is more than fifty years younger than the twice-married governor.

Just how will Governor Edwards be remembered after this new-age and weird “this is your life” TV show depends upon many factors including the show’s ratings.   Regardless, Edwards has his own history and legacy—a young man rising out of a nowhere- small Louisiana town to becoming the most popular and longest-serving Louisiana governor in history.

Unquestionably, he has had his ups and downs, as has Louisiana during his reign.

When he first took office, the seventies were the good times for the state followed by the hardships of the eighties.  Edwards, a democrat, who seemed to tip-toe along the edges of the law faced two federal trials brought by a republican prosecutor, John Volz.  At that time, Edwards won what some considered to the biggest and most important battle in his life-- ultimate hung jury and then an acquittal.

After a rocky four years of Governor Buddy Roemer, Edwards took on a challenge of world importance as he beat back a nationally-followed, white-power surge with his victory over notorious ex-Klansman and neo-nazi, David Duke.

However,  Edwards shortly met the law again in another federal trial and the law won with a conviction and a long jail sentence, where he fell in love with Trina, who would visit the jail to see him.

While in prison, he was also visited by a former reporter and news man, Leo Honeycutt who had been chosen to write the definitive biography of the former Louisiana chief executive, now inmate.  Making that decision was former state senator, Louisiana Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner and later publisher of the book authored by Honeycutt, Jim Brown.

Due to the fervent interest in Edwards and his new family  which has reached new heights because of the birth of a new Edwards boy, and because of the reality TV show, this week, Bayoubuzz has presented a multi-part series  about the life and times of the former governor.   During the interview, Brown and Honeycutt discussed their friend, fellow politician, book subject and man of many ages and faces--who  could become a national TV star and personality --at a time in life that most would seek seclusion and retirement.

Then, again, this is Edwin Edwards, the four-term head of a state known for its exotic  tastes.   This is the Duke-slayer;   And, now, this is the proud father of a new-born child and the new husband of a woman who was born when Edwards was polishing off his second term  as  one of the state’s  most influential and best- known public  official, in history.

No doubt, a history and story in and of itself, a Hollywood script likely to be discarded,  as totally unfathomable and divorced from all realities.


(Photo taken from video of first press conference after wedding, and his release from prison)


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