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Poll: US Senate race wrap: Landrieu, Cassidy, Maness and Jindal

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congress-fightMany of the Louisiana political antennas rose on Thursday when Bernie Pinsonat and SMOR’s (Southern Media and Opinion Research) issued its fall statewide poll numbers.

 Shortly after the poll release, former Jefferson Parish assessor and political commentator Lawrence Chehardy, ex-Louisiana Secretary of State, state Senator and Insurance Commissioner, Jim Brown and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky discussed the poll results in a Google Hangout.

Here are some comments (in the rough) mentioned in Part I of the hangout--focused upon the US Senate Race.   

Democrat US Senator Mary Landrieu’s poll numbers has fallen like a rock, obviously due to the horrible rollout of Obamacare and her support of the very-disliked healthcare reform plan.

Over roughly six months, her favorable declined by 10% and her unfavorable rose by an equal amount.

However, thus far, her primary opponent, Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy has not capitalized on her steep decline.

Political newcomer and Tea Party favorite, Rob Maness has gained more statewide recognition and has reached double digits in support.

Overall points during hangout:

If election were held at this time, Sen. Landrieu would not get re-elected

Cassidy has yet to define himself…he has not gotten much traction despite running over a hear

Landrieu flounders every election but still wins

Jindal could be a winning candidate if he were to decide to run

The recent 5th Congressional election showed an anti-incumbent tenor…Neil Riser became the incumbent, Maness, has tea party support and could be the anti-incumbent candidate, but has not been able to raise money

Poll shows she is in trouble but she has never run a race with any sizeable margin

Cassidy has not defined himself…but that could be done with money and television advertising

Maness could be the upset but has to have money;  Cannot be radical tea party right-winger or else he will lose.  Should Landrieu wrap herself around about Obama and the Affordable Care Act, that would be a hugged mistake because of the lack of popularity of the President and the ACA in the state

Comparing the US Senate race to the recent McAllister victory, the new Congressman ran put in roughly  800,000 of his own money in the race and if Maness could raise about two million dollars, he could be a spoiler and viable candidate

Some ultra-conservatives are declaring Congressman Boustany and Speaker Boehner to be traitors

Jindal could beat Mary Landrieu  but he is delusional to think that he has national ambitions and has been ignoring the obvious signs that the state wants him to focus back home.

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