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Bad Louisiana ranking, Christie replaces Jindal and Cassidy gets nod

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christieHow’s Bobby doing?
For the past year, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal has been running around the country as chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association telling all who would listen what a great job he is doing as governor of Louisiana.


Well, not everyone is buying his bragging. A recent study by the website 24/7 Wall Street ranks Louisiana at No. 44 among the best-run states.
The only states that are run worst, according to the website, are California at No. 50, then New Mexico, Illinois, Rhode Island, Nevada, and Arizona.

Here is what 24/7 Wall Street had to say about the Pelican State:

“While home values nationwide fell by more than 11 percent between 2007 and 2012, the median Louisiana home value rose by 10 percent during that time, one of the largest increases nationally. Still, even with a relatively healthy housing market, Louisiana’s population has other serious problems.
“As of 2012, just 83 percent of the state’s adults has a high school diploma, and more than 16.9 percent of the state’s population did not have health insurance coverage, both among the worst in the country.
“There were nearly 500 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012, making the state one of the most dangerous.
“Nearly one in every five residents lived below the poverty line, worse than all but two states. The state’s finances are also in bad shape. Just over 55 percent of the state’s pension obligations were funded in 2012, fourth-worst in the country. And the state had to close a budget gap of more than 25 percent going into fiscal 2012. The average gap across the states was 15.5 percent that year.”
Another study published by Forbes reveals that the state is near the bottom of the median pay list among college-educated residents.
Among 100 metropolitan areas in the country, Baton Rouge ranked 74th in pay, while New Orleans came in at 76th.
Looks like Clinton vs. Christie
It’s beginning to look a lot like...yes, Christmas...but also like the 2016 presidential race could be a battle between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.
At least, that’s what the latest national polls are indicating for each political party – if both decide to run.
Here’s what a poll conducted by CNN/ORC International turned up.
Among Republicans and Independents who lean towards the GOP, here are the results:
*New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – 24%.
*U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky – 13%.
*U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin – 11%.
*U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas –10%.
*U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida – 9%.
*Texas Gov. Rick Perry – 7%.
*Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – 6%.
*Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (PA) – 6%.
Among Democrats and Independents who lean towards the Democratic Party, here are the results:
*Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – 63%.
*Vice President Joe Biden – 12%.
*U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts –7%.
*Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo – 5%.
*Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley – 2%.
One can see the divide in the Republican Party when Christie, a moderate, is in first place, and Paul, a Tea Party favorite, is second.
The tough job for Christie, should he decide to run, will be to win over the conservative arm of the GOP. It will not be an easy task.
If Clinton doesn’t run, the Democrats don’t have much of a pool of candidates to choose from. The clear front-runner would be Vice President Biden.
Without Clinton in the race, only 43% of Democrats would support the Vice President, according to the poll.

Christie replaces Jindal
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has replaced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as chairman of the Republican Governors Association (RGA).
Truth be told, Jindal would prefer to have the chairmanship in 2014, but Christie out-maneuvered him for that year’s gig. In the fall of 2012, the two governors were in campaign mode for the position in 2014. Christie was in line, as vice-chairman, to take over in 2013.
But Christie won out for 2014 because he was up for re-election for governor in 2013. Jindal was forced, therefore, to take the post for 2013 with Christie being guaranteed it for 2014.
The reason both wanted the 2014 year is that previous RGA chairmen have used the position as a national launch pad to get the GOP presidential nomination. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney led the RGA in 2006 before running for president, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry headed up the Association before his presidential bid in 2011.
The stars apparently aligned for Christie. He is coming off a landslide re-election victory for governor of a blue state, and polls show him to be the favorite of the GOP faithful for the presidential nomination in 2016. As chairman of the RGA, he will be able to travel throughout the country on behalf of Republican candidates and, hopefully, win favor with GOP governors.
The up-side for Jindal is that he may now spend more time in Louisiana.

*Cassidy Gets an Endorsement – While GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness has picked up the endorsement of every Tea Party and conservative organization, candidate U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy has finally landed one.
He has been endorsed by African-American state Sen. Elbert Guillory, R-District 34, who received national attention with a web video when he recently switched to the Republican Party.

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