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Impact of anti-incumbency, anti-Obamacare in Landrieu’s race, upcoming Louisiana elections?

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landrieu-blueIn Louisiana, in the land where the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) has few friends, Mary Landrieu is running for U.S. Senate with the albatross around her neck because of her vote, but is she hurting herself further in her campaign to win a 4th term? 


Despite the public’s disdain for the healthcare law, is the election a shoe-in for the GOP?

What is the political message behind the recent Louisiana 5th congressional district election in which a newcomer beat the old-political machines and apparent incumbents?

Aren’t  republicans being hypocritical over their incessant anti-Obamacare politics when the concept was a conservative idea?

How might the anti-incumbency and anti-DC attitude, displayed in the recent election for the 5th Congressional District race, carry over to the US Senate race?

With the website showing improvement, with the public now being able to compare prices and with the law providing insurance despite pre-existing conditions and caps of coverage, is there a change sea change, or at least a possible wave-change, occurring that might create a better political environment for the healthcare law for Senator Landrieu and other democrats in Louisiana?

Politicos-- Jim Brown and Jeff  Crouere discuss these very issues in Part I of a recent Google Hangout chat with  Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.


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