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My Louisiana and U.S. Political Predictions for 2012

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steve_sabludowsky01Relax, my friends and faithrful readers. I know that many of you simply cannot let go of 2011 without reading my "trusted" predictions for the upcoming year.  So, await, no longer as "I Predict that in 2012...":

The New Orleans Saints do not go to the Super Bowl in 2012.  While they are playing their best football ever, they likely will need to beat either Green Bay or San Francisco (away from home) to get into the super shindig.  (I hope I am wrong).

Governor Bobby Jindal will continue to get wonderful media PR outside of Louisiana making claims about the great so-called “Louisiana Miracle”.  This heightened attention increase speculation as to whether the Governor will honor his pledge to spend the next four years at the mansion in Baton Rouge.    

Consumers of Louisiana politics are going to get wise about a few of our political bloggers wondering if they are getting paid by some of our most “honored and trusted” politicians to write favorable spin pieces while those bloggers pretend to be “fair and balanced”.

Dr. Ron Paul goes to Iran to speak about the non-existence of the Holocaust and will be introduced by one of "Louisiana’s finest"--“Dr. David Duke”.

Despite the claims that Mary Landrieu will pack it in and not run for re-election, the Senator will put all of that speculation to rest as she mounts a tenacious fundraising campaign making it difficult for others to oppose her in 2014.

Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the major speakers at the Republican National Convention in 2012 despite his backing a losing candidate in Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

David Vitter will continue to become a presence in statewide politics as he straddles between deciding whether he wants to continue being a U.S. Senator or whether he prefers the capitol’s 4th floor in Baton Rouge.

Mitt Romney becomes the GOP candidate for President and that his current opponents who become his political supporters defend him against candidate Barack Obama by saying, “our flip-flopper is better than your flip-flopper”.

The U.S. Surpreme Court rules that the new healthcare law, which opponents deride as “Obamacare” is declared constitutional making the repeal of the law as the dominant campaign issue of 2012 Presidential and the Congressional elections.  

Now, for my final prediction for 2012...I predict that I get a new crystal ball by the end of December of next year, as this one is begining to form cracks.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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