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Rick Perry, Jindal To Tweet GOP Campaign Road: Book It

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jindals book2As Governor Bobby Jindal readies for his second term, everyone, and perhaps even he, are wondering if the Louisiana leader will be on the campaign road again or back at the Capitol’s 4th floor and the mansion preparing to lead the state into the reign of Jindal II.


Last night, it appeared Rick Perry (whom Jindal has been parading across key Presidential campaign states), would abandon his efforts to be the next Commander in Chief.  Today, despite the Iowa embarrassment, it seems the Texas Governor is looking towards the South Carolina primary which would mean his Campaigner-in-Chief would continue his role as a road warrior.

Perry’s latest twitter post says, “

GovernorPerry Rick Perry 

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!

1 hour ago

Obviously, the Palmetto’s will be the next target rather than the Live-Free-Or-Die’s of  New Hampshire.  Perry has little or no chance of breaking through the pack next week when the Hampshire’s become the recipient of  hundreds of millionsof dollars of free publicity, if not billions.

Presumably, this would mean that the Louisiana’s first Indian Governor Bobby Jindal will get a chance to show his stuff against South Carolina’s first-Indian Governor Nikki Haley—a former Tea Party favorite who has caught the ire of many of that clan for her embrace of the former head honcho of Massachusetts, or now better known as Romney The RINO.

Perry’s probable decision to “keep on truckin” could play well.  While Santorum has the benefits of the new Republican candidate “surge”, he has not yet been through its scrutiny which caused the demise of Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann and resulting damage to Perry and Gingrich.  No doubt, Santorum will get a lion’s share of free publicity over the next couple of weeks, however, not all will be positive.  In fact, expect his opposition and certainly “Romney Pac” to lead the media in darkening his name and reputation.

Should Santorum get his day in the sunlight of intense scorching heat of scrutiny and now with Bachman being history, Perry should get a second look by the voters.  As long as the Texan does not have any more “oops” moments, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal could continue to tag team to Nevada and Florida and even possibly onto Super Tuesday.

Back on the home front, with Jindal’s inauguration approaching next Monday, the Governor is not just twittering away idle time.

Yes, a few days ago, he tweeted this plea:

BobbyJindal Gov. Bobby Jindal 

? You can make calls from your own home. Email to get started.

But for now, he has much on his plate such as schooling the legislators today on his education reforms.  

Also, surely the Governor will need to think how his Inaugural Address will handle the inherent conflict of  his promising his total  focus on our miserable education and fragile economy versus his role as Perry’s surrogate on the campaign highway.

However, distractions have not impaired the boy genius from Baton Rouge, who actually has the intelligence and temperament to be a legitimate GOP Presidential contender one day when he grows up more in the national psyche.

Until then, Governor Jindal can continue to play the national league of politics while holding down the political fort down in the Bayou—all while chewing the gum of expanding his local and outside-the-state prestige, power and brand.

Actually, you can book it.   

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