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Serving Vitter and Jeff Landry in Louisiana Tea Party setting

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landry-drillingThe Louisiana election table appears set; Only a matter of time before the tea is served and others are invited to the party.

Today, Jeff Landry, a Tea Party member and ardent supporter, announced that he is going to run for Attorney General of Louisiana. Landry is an attorney, a former US Congressman, a veteran, and a former Sheriff's deputy and local policeman.


In a press release, Landry stated that our next Attorney General "needs to be an advocate for the citizens of Louisiana" and that he looks forward to "putting my proven conservative principles to work for the people..."

In the past, Landry has been critical of current attorney general Buddy Caldwell, a Democrat, who turned Republican after the rise of the Tea Party in the state and a surge in Republican legislative control. Caldwell was re-elected in 2011.

According to the press release from Landry for Louisiana, the National Journal ranked him the fourth most conservative member in the Congress. The release also stated he also cast more bipartisan votes than any other Congressman from Louisiana.

After Landry's announcement, Senator David Vitter published a statement on his Twitter feed and other media: "Jeff Landry is a strong, solid conservative.  As a veteran, law enforcement  officer, attorney, & lawmaker, he would be a very qualified AG."

The Landry campaign followed up that tweet with another press release, announcing the Vitter tweet and then in tag-team fashion, replied: 

“I want to thank Senator David Vitter for his kind words regarding my announcement today. Senator Vitter has been a tireless advocate for Louisiana and our conservative principles,”said Jeff Landry.

Landry, was squeezed out from his 3rd Congressional District due to redistricting and he then lost in a race against the more moderate Congressman Charles Boustany.

Vitter has regained popularity after his scandal by focusing upon a pro-Tea Party, anti Obama agenda.  Based upon recent polls, Vitter is a strong favorite in winning the upcoming governor’s race to replace Bobby Jindal, who is term limited.

The governor’s election is in the fall of 2015.

Karen Jensen assisted with the column

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