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Poll: Louisiana US Congressman, Edwin W. Edwards

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louisiana-politicsIt is now history, especially for the man who has almost written the Louisiana political history book over the past 40 years.

 As this column predicted weeks ago, Edwin W. Edwards, four-term ex-governor of Louisiana, has decided to jump into the ring for the Sixth Congressional District of Louisiana.

Edwards, 86, is a convicted felon.  The last time he resurrected his political career, he beat Nazi, David Duke for the governor’s position.

After spending time almost one-sixth of his life in federal prison, he married for the third time, this time to a woman 50 years his younger.   His last public foray was a failed reality TV show.  He is the proud father of a brand-new son, made possible, due to medical science and frozen sperm. 

Throughout the decades he has defied odds, remade realities and is now setting the bar for political controversies.

And, as expected, the political wheels are turning.

On social media, some republicans are challenging Democrats to distance themselves from the Edwards’ candidacy;  Some democrats are claiming that Edwards would be better than any Republican challenger, any day of the week. 

Regardless, Edwards who is running in a district which is not necessarily conducive to his winning, as it is somewhat conservative,  will once again put Louisiana on the national political map—as if it ever left it, anyway.

So, what are your thoughts about Edwin Edwards running for U.S. Congress? Take our poll and feel free to forward to others.

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