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Gingrich’s Wife, Perry’s Exit and Jindal’s Choice

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rick-perryWith less than 48 hours from the Republican primary in South Carolina, political bombs are a-falling. 

Rick Perry, the Texas Governor drops out of the race, backing former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich.


Tonight, right before the next televised GOP debate, Gingrich will be the focus as ABC-TV releases an interview with his former wife casting even further doubt about the speaker’s family-values.  

Also, news reports claim that Rick Santorum actually beat Mitt Romney in Iowa casting doubts upon Romney’s invincibility.

Which means the GOP candidate field has shriveled down to four major candidates—Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and once-again fast-climbing Gingrich.

So, what does this mean for Louisiana Republicans and for this state?

Perhaps much depends upon what Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal might do now that he is no longer Rick Perry’s super voice.

Months ago, right when Rick Perry announced that his Presidential run, Jindal jumped upon his bandwagon.  Weeks later, Perry became an “oops” asterisk after that infamous TV debate moment.

Now, Jindal, who picked the wrong political horse must decide if and when he is going to climb on the campaign trail again.  

Given his national ambitions, the answer to “if” is a no-brainer, of which Jindal certainly possesses abundance.

Thus, the real issue for Jindal and to some extent that of the state he governs is—whom?      

UPDATED: Jindal makes statement about his endorsement plans

stephen sabludowskyby Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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