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Family Values, Gingrich and the Despicable media

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gingrich-cnnWhat’s happened to the some Republicans who wear family values on their sleeves?

Last night, John King of CNN asked Newt Gingrich about statements made by his own second wife, Marianne, regarding their “allegedly” having an open marriage. 

 Gingrich predictably blasted back at the media and CNN, in particular by saying, in part, “To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine."

After his protests and outrage, a crowd full of party members rose and cheered Gingrich’s response—and today many of the so-called social-conservatives are rallying behind their man who, for now, appears to be the only remaining non-Romney.

It appears, for them, Romney, a fellow Republican and “RINO” and Obama a “socialist” must be defeated at all costs.

Actually, King asked the question that was the talk of the nation yesterday.  It was the elephant in the room, in a room full of pachyderms.  Had he not asked this question, he would have been accused of giving Gingrich soft-ball questions or favoring one candidate over another.  Mitt Romney certainly did not enjoy being asked once again two days before the South Carolina republican primary about his tax returns.   

CNN was not the only network that raised the issue about Marianne Gingrich before the GOP televised debate. Conservative news network, Fox News, also carried the story a number of times even before King opened his mouth last night with the question.

This was CNN asking about an interview by ABC which was broadcasted two days before a primary.  If we were to take Gingrich’s position, presumably there would be never be the right moment to ask him questions about scorching statements from his former wife and step-mother of his daughters.  In fact, wasn’t it Gingrich himself, in the first place, who paraded his daughters out the day before yesterday for the purpose of diffusing the interview? 

For many of us, we do not know whom to believe--Gingrich or his ex-wife number two?

Based upon other allegations, there is the possibility that she would be telling us exactly what occurred.

According to numerous reports, Gingrich was having an affair with Callista while married to the accuser and while the Speaker was attacking Bill Clinton for his own atrocious and truly “despicable” behavior on Pennsylvania Avenue.   There are also reports that Gingrich filed papers against his first wife while she was hospitalized with cancer and while he was heavy into an affair with his second wife, Marianne, now making these claims.

If those other claims are true and to date they have not been proven otherwise, then why shouldn’t the public want to question the veracity of both the former wife and the now-candidate?

Gingrich called questioning him about this controversy “the most despicable as anything I can imagine”.

Whoa.  Good grief! What if these allegations being lodged against him are true?  Wouldn’t that be even more despicable than asking questions about his character two days before a primary an after a video interview went viral?   

Based upon the rumors against Gingrich, it is not a stretch that Marianne is being honest, just as it was not a stretch that the Lewinsky scandal was the real deal after Paul Jones emerged.

Also, let us not forget, Gingrich, himself has teased us with his own comments without really coming clean, at all.

Flash back to a 2011 interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network when  Gingrich addressed his past infidelities saying, "There's no question at times in my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate."

Forget the notion that the devil made Gingrich do it—act in a way that was not appropriate.  But do what?  Send naked pictures over the Internet as did Democrat Anthony Weiner?  Do what?

While we don’t want to know every sordid detail, many of us who are weighing all of the candidates do want to know if we will be lied to as did Weiner and Clinton and so many others between and after them.

Even if the accusations are false, is asking about a major story that had just broke hours before this for which we are trying to decide upon who will be the ruler of the free world really the most despicable as he can imagine?  Imagine how ballistic the Speaker might go should something really occur that many of us would consider to be a light years more despicable?   Can we bear such anger and such outrage from a man who would be one finger from the red button?

Let’s get real.  This is an election campaign year.   As Gingrich himself has said in the debates that hard questions should be asked as we pick the head of our country.  

Also, in my view, values do matter not only in our society but in our White House.  They mattered when Gingrich blasted then President Clinton.  For numerous reasons, family values might even matter more now.  Why?  Well, for example, take one of Gingrich’s major political talking points--food stamps are distributed more now under President Obama than ever before. 

One major reason for this fact is because so many of our homes are broken, shattered, father-less and dysfunctional.  Unquestionably some of the poor must take personal responsibilities for behaviors which continue to help caste them into poverty and misery. 

But, there are other causes too for the deterioration of our society. 

We are ignoring what has made our country strong and in doing so, our family values are going out of the window as are our marriages. 

It will be even more difficult for us to fix the problems of food stamp and welfare dependency if the men and women we put into the White House behave as if they should be in the odd-house. It is frankly hypocritical for us to tell our kids and our neighbors what to do when we are not doing it ourselves.

True, we will not find the perfect candidate and ultimately, considering everything, Gingrich could end up being the best of the bunch and given the choices, he just might get my vote.   However, for a sector of our population to claim to own family values yet get angry at the media for doing its job and to be defensive because possibly their last hope is being questioned about the very behavior they seem to abhor, is in my view, somewhat despicable.

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