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Moving Maness, Slipping Vitter, Joking Jindal

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manessIs Maness on the move?

    Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is running for the U.S. Senate, better keep an eye on his fellow Republican Rob Maness, the retired Air Force colonel who is the Tea Party favorite.


    A poll released last week by Townhall.com and Townhall Magazine, a conservative news and opinion publication, shows Maness nipping at the heels of Cassidy.

    Cassidy has dropped to 30% in the poll, while Maness has risen to 14%.  Meanwhile, incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu is holding steady at 43% in a three-candidate match-up.

    When the poll, conducted by Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm headquartered in Florida, put Landrieu and Cassidy head-to-head, it was a 45-45% deadlock with 10% undecided.  The poll did not ask a Landrieu-Maness match-up question.

    In a hypothetical primary scenario, the results were Landrieu 43%, Cassidy 30%, Maness 14%, and 13% undecided.

    Of the 13% undecided voters, nearly two-thirds identified themselves as independents. These voters will likely decide the election.  

    The Landrieu camp is heartened by the fact that she is not losing ground while Cassidy is, compared to earlier  polls.  Cassidy’s decline might be attributed to the fact that he has refused to participate in debates with Landrieu and Maness.

    He has refused to participate in televised debates in Monroe, Alexandria, and New Orleans and is taking heat for refusing to do so.

    The poll was conducted among 426 Louisiana registered voters, and the margin of error is +/- 5%.

The 2015 Governor’s Race

    When the poll asked about the 2015 governor’s  race, the results were somewhat surprising and not very good news for Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter, who has already announced he is running.

    When asked if the governor’s race were held today between Vitter and Democratic New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the results were Vitter 46%, Landrieu 44%, and 10% undecided.

    If the race were between Vitter and Republican Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, the results were Vitter 35%, Dardenne 28%, with 34% undecided.  But the results were skewed because the poll also had Dardenne listed as a Democrat and Republican.

    When it comes to the presidential race in 2016, Republican Rand Paul leads Democrat Hillary Clinton, 45-44%.  Republican Jeb Bush leads Clinton 48-43%.

Are you kidding me?

    It is another one of those verbal gems from Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.

    The absentee Republican governor of Louisiana is saying that U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu is out-of-touch  with Louisiana. Really?

     Never mind that Landrieu has secured billions of dollars for the state following Hurricane Katrina and has been able to have many FEMA debts of local and parish governments forgiven.

    The unwarranted comments about Landrieu is coming from a governor that has basically destroyed Louisiana’s educational and health care systems because he spends half of his time out-of-state running for president.

    Why would a governor of a state want to defeat a U.S. Senator who is so powerful and can do so much for the state?  That’s a good question.  The only answer is that Jindal continues to play to the right-wing segment of the Republican Party, hoping to gain a foothold for his candidacy for president.  It is not working.

    It is a classic case of putting party before people, said one observer.  He added, yes, governor, Landrieu does live in Washington, D.C.  She works there.  All members of Congress do.  She cannot fly back and forth from D.C. to New Orleans every day and night.

    As one Republican told the Fax-Net, “I may not agree all the time with Landrieu, but she is too important to the state not to re-elect her.” 

    He went on to say that he considers Landrieu a moderate, who has obviously been able to work across the aisle to benefit Louisiana.

    It begs the question: With Louisiana’s oil and gas industry, what better position for someone to have than chair of the Energy Committee in the U.S. Senate?

    And with the possibility of Barksdale AFB and Fort Polk winding up on the base reduction list like England AFB did, what better position for someone to have than chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense?

    Something to think about, governor.  But, then, after your term is up in 2015, you will probably be off  to another job somewhere, hopefully out-of-state.

Apples and oranges?
    The investigative report by KTBS-TV revealing that state Rep. and mayoral candidate Patrick Williams broke the law at least 45 times in 2012 by double-dipping on his legislative expenses has created many more questions about other years he has served as a  state legislator.
    Sources tell the Fax-Net that the investigation is ongoing and that loans Williams made with the city of Shreveport’s Department of Community Development, Office of Housing and Business Development, in 2003 are also being scrutinized.
    But, for now, inquiries to the Fax-Net ask whether what Williams did is any different from the controversy surrounding Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s travel expenses and also the situation involving former DeSoto Superintendent of Schools and BESE Board member Walter Lee.
    After discussions with legislators, attorneys, and government watchers, here is the consensus.
    The comparison of Landrieu to Williams is apples and oranges.  Landrieu charged private flights to taxpayers, but did not also get reimbursed from her campaign fund.  In other words, she did not profit from the situation and there was no double-dipping.
    She admitted that her staff erred and should have charged the flights to her campaign and she has taken full responsibility for the discretion and is reimbursing the taxpayers.
    The comparison of Lee to Williams is apples to apples.  Lee double-dipped on his expenses, charging the same expenses to two different governmental agencies.  Lee admitted he did and has been indicted.
    Williams double-dipped as well, charging the taxpayers for his expenses while also getting reimbursed  from his campaign fund.  But Williams is blaming an assistant rather than taking responsibility, noting that he has reimbursed the taxpayers for 2012.
    In his case, however, reimbursing does not negate the fact that he broke the law more than 45 times, which gives the impression of habitual double-dipping.
    The key point in all of this is that both Lee and Williams profited from their double-dipping.  As KTBS reported, in 2012 alone, Williams pocketed more than $4,000.
    As one legislator pointed out, a member of the state Legislature has to personally sign every reimbursement request.  A Republican state legislator told the Fax-Net that it is interesting to see some of his colleagues criticizing Landrieu while seeing nothing wrong with what Williams did.
    At the same time, one or more area legislators, including Republican state Rep. Alan Seabaugh, are defending Williams, which is a bit shocking.  One politico opined that their expense records better be clean because they are opening themselves up to  scrutiny of their expenses.
    Attorney Michael Wainwright, a former assistant U.S. Attorney, is conducting his own investigation into Williams and other legislators and is providing information to media and the appropriate authorities.

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