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Dear Diary, Why Can't Bobby Jindal Push His Book?

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Dear diary,

Isn’t life in Louisiana just grand?

The Louisiana treasury is as robust and flush as it gets. Our kids are swamped with job offers and future opportunities. Our medical professionals are making so much money that they are willing to handle Medicaid patients for free instead of being reimbursed by the Louisiana government.   Our roads are first class, the economy is booming with cash from our seafood,  tourist and the once-struggling offshore oil industries--none which have ever had it any better.

So, diary, why should any of us complain about Governor Bobby Jindal’s book?


The state is in tip top shape and the Governor has every right to tell the world about "Crises and Leadership" which I understand is the title of his novel.



After all, who would know more about crises and leadership more than our Governor, Bobby Jindal?

He single handedly beat back the federal government during the BP War until the international oil company shrunk with fear and fast-forwarded the capping of the well in the Gulf of Mexico. Who else held BP’s the Coast Guard’s, the Corps of Engineers, Admiral Allen, Ms. Landry and all of those reluctant feet to the fire more than our Gov?

It was Bobby.

Back when the oil was spewing onto our shores, who else brought such focus upon our bayous, our bays, our fishing villages and our restaurants? Yep. Bobby.

Every evening he pointed out more drops of oil hitting the shores. The national media were mesmerized with him and they just followed him everywhere. That was NBC, FOX News, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post anchors and news-people getting those daily private interviews and chauffeured flyovers with Bobby so his image could be beamed up to televisions everywhere—not those local media thugs. The nationals liked him so much, he was so colorful that they kept sending down guys like Anderson, Brian Williams and other national figures to visit with Bobby and with us. Who else has gotten us so much face time with the cameras? No one-- but Bobby. Gee. What do people want? I saw him on TV with the wind blowing his hair answering those reporters’ questions and I got to see those celebrities in person. Well, diary, at least over the tube.  Still...

And you remember how much he fought and sacrificed for all of us?

A day did not go by when Bobby did not scream into the cameras reminding us that we were in a state of war, that we did not have a second to spare or our way of life would be forever lost. So what that our own state scientists were saying he was wrong about the berms. So what if he sacrificed his chief of staff for three months at the very time that the oil was gushing out of the hole. Bobby knew that hole would be plugged. He is a smart guy. And his chief of staff, Timmy, did a great job with the republican governors while he was on leave of absence. Look how much money Bobby raised for the GOP governors. Now Bobby will be a player on the national scene and when he travels across the nation, he can tell everyone about how great our state is and bring us jobs too. I am sure Bobby is proud of Timmy too. Isn’t that Timmy’s picture on the front cover of the bobby’s book? They both look so action-oriented, don’t they?

Let’s get over with this book deal—no big deal. Look Bobby can chew gum, walk, talk, campaign, go on television interviews and shake hands with veterans at the same time. I think they call it multi-tasking. Don’t they know how bright he is? Think about how he took charge during Gustav. Man, that was a leader. Not like that Madam Blanco-zero. And, I guess those people who don’t like him or who are jealous of him are just going to say that Katrina was more damaging that Gustav and that Blanco had more to do than Bobby. Talk about changing history. Plus, Bobby could orbit around the world within the same time during which Governor Kathleen would be watching Sixty Minutes.

Bobby has paid his dues. So he wrote a book. No, I don’t know when he had time since we were at war without a second to spare and with his top aide hopping around the country. So what? I am sure he will talk about how wonderful the people of the state of Louisiana are. I bet almost all of the book is about us, not him, anyway—either!

As far as those television appearances pushing the book? Doesn’t Bobby have a right to make a living? You know government does not pay and with all these cutbacks and all, he deserves a softer, kinder future. Just think. He was on Fox News the other day and in two weeks Meet the Press. That is the best talk show on Sunday and every dollar he makes from the book he did on our time, I am sure he will donate it to his favorite charity. I mean Louisiana charity. No not his campaign, diary. Just, forget it.

The bottom line is, Diary, think if he does make it really BIG. When he is up there in Washington, maybe he will come home and give us a kiss and tell us he understands how we worry about our bills and that he is up there fighting for us. Diary, some say that if he should go to Washington, he will take most of his top staff so they have a reason to support him. But, I don’t believe that is why they support his election campaigns, his national TV appearances, his every day giving the same speech to Veterans and now his likely book tour.

Those people aren’t stupid. They know Bobby better than all of us together. And they know there is a horrible economic crises in state government and that he will lead his team out of this state. He’s their ticket to their personal successes.

Diary, what’s wrong with that?

by Stephen Sabludowksy, Publisher of




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