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Louisiana Group Upset At Jindal Pushes Palin's Book

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An Organization called S.A.V.E LA is urging Louisiana and Americans to attend Governor Palin's book signings with proceeds going to Louisiana higher education.

In what might be a "political one-upmanship" between two rising political stars or perhaps "Who can sell the most political books before Christmas or the GOP national convention"  or perhaps even "hitting where it hurts in one's own back yard", the action clearly appears to be an orchestrated swipe at Governor Jindal.  It might also be the second of a round of national political snipes between the two republicans governors or some say Presidential hopefuls.


On Meet the Press this Sunday, Governor Jindal was asked  questions about Palin's candidacy for president and her ability to unify the republicans, Jindal acknowledged Palin's strengths but made certain that the public knew that there are other well qualified potential candidates and that he favored governors being president. 

Did he have anyone in mind?


A S.A.V.E. L.A. press release today said, "Yesterday evening, it was reported in the Baton Rouge Advocate that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal does not plan to meet with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin when she appears at two book signings in Baton Rouge next week for her latest work, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag”.  This came one day before we announced Saving American Values by Educating Louisiana “(S..A.V.E. LA). 


We are asking Louisianans and Americans across the country to attend Governor Palin’s book signings and sell purchased autographed Palin books on Ebay with the proceeds being donated to Louisiana’s struggling universities in the face of Governor Jindal’s drastic cuts to higher education.  Will Governor Jindal reconsider meeting Governor Palin in the advent of this grassroots movement to save Louisiana higher education?


Advocate: Jindal has no plans to meet with Palin


S.A.VE. LA: Help Fight Jindal Education Cuts Through the Power of Palin"

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