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Rating Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Job Performance

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Bobby  Jindal says he has the job he wants which is to be governor of Louisiana.

While many pundits throughout Louisiana believe that the republican Jindal will not fulfill a second term of office, as of this date there are no challenges—either from the republican or democratic camps for the position of Louisiana governor.

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Part of the reason that Jindal could have an easy time at getting re-elected is because he has amassed a sizeable campaign war chest that would scare away most challenges.    

While the discussion has been in late 2010 (particularly due to his book)--which federal job will Jindal next seek, it is difficult to ignore that the Louisiana gubernatorial elections are less than one year away.

With statewide elections next on the plate for Louisiana politics, {sidebar id=2}it will soon be time to assess Jindal’s job performance should he engage any real competition.  So, in starting that conversation sooner rather than later, the staff of is asking you to discuss how you would rate Bobby Jindal job performance since his 2008 inauguration?  Tell us below on our Buzzbacks.  

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