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Louisiana's Health Care Ranking Challenges Jindal's Expert Touting

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When candidate Bobby Jindal ran for the position of Governor of Louisiana, his pitch was that he would take us up to the top of good lists from the bottom of the bad lists.

Today, after receiving the rankings from the America Health Rankings, the Governor better start using some of those ten million dollars he’s raised for his re-election to help promote his brand or perhaps some of his revenues he is raking in from his new book.  According to the national rankings which were released on Tuesday, the Sportsman Paradise is not sporting paradise in the area of health.  In fact, the state has not moved upward on the good list at all but has fallen smack down on its butt on the bad list in one of the most important lists of all—the state of Louisiana health.

The 49th ranking  listed Louisiana’s strengths in these categories--ready access to early prenatal care, high immunization coverage and high per capita public health funding.

However, the good news stops there.  The ranking cites “Louisiana challenges” to be high prevalence of obesity, high rate of preventable hospitalizations and high infant mortality rate.

At a time when Louisiana’s health care and overall budget is going through a major challenge and debate of its own, the news does not help Jindal in his recent touting of good stewardship as per his “Leadership and Crises” book and national television tours.  Nor does it help him in his governing during what some claim is a budgetary crises when his leadership is critical.

Actually, for the person who came into statewide prominence as the 25-year-old Secretary of Health and Hospitals for Louisiana, the ranking must be somewhat of an embarrassment.

After all, it was Jindal who last year took the national stage by writing in Politico, “I know a little something about health care policy, and I can tell you exactly the game that is currently afoot.”

Yes, he does.

He now knows or should know that according to one major ranking, Louisiana is not getting better but worse and that despite his national proclamations and cash he has raised in his campaign, the state of Louisiana health is regrettably and indeed, failing.   

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of Bayoubuzz.com






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