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Blazing Jindal: Louisiana Governor Speaks God and Country

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Stephen SabludowskyThe culture of Bobby Jindal.

In an Wednesday interview with “The Blaze” a media entity associated with Glenn Beck, Louisiana Governor Jindal discussed the social, religious and cultural underpinnings of America.  

The governor also discussed republican politics.

Of pertinent note, Jindal, in praising this country, said that in America, “it doesn’t matter what your last name is”. 

This is quite an interesting comment considering that Jindal is an Indian-American going by “Bobby” rather than his given name, Piyush.  

Jindal also criticized those who he claims are not in favor of immigrants assimilating American values--meaning "liberals".  

Of particular interest, Jindal also believes that America is “exceptional” that is, the country has been blessed by God more than the other nations.  He said, “I do think we have been blessed, I do think it is providential”.  In referring to America, the governor also said he thinks that “the freedom is a gift from God” but that we need to preserve what has made America so great and that has been our culture”.

While I do believe in God, honestly, anytime a politician talks about the Lord determing the fate of a nation, and favoring it over another or others, I think about those people who claimed that God punished New Orleans for its “debauchery” and even because of its gay population and so therefore sent Katrina its way.

Jindal also says he loves democracy, the free market economy and the strong military.  However, according to Jindal, “that’s not what’s make America great.  What essentially makes America great is our culture.”

This also is a surprise to me as I always believed that the corner stone of American greatness has been our belief in democracy, our preference for free enterprise and these political and economic cornerstones have been preserved by those men and women who have put their lives at risk.

At the interview's end, Jindal was asked once again about his political career but this time, he was asked about Michael Steele, the Republican Party national chairman.

Jindal again said it is not time to discuss people but principles.  However, he did once again say he prefers governors, administrators, budget balancers in these offices.

Once again, whom does he have in mind?



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