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Metairie, Louisiana

carterThe Louisiana legislature is now approaching its second half, a budget has moved out of Republican-dominated-House Appropriations, one that saves the popular TOPS higher education program but which also makes serious cuts to higher education and health care.  The legislation moves to the House of Representatives floor and then, once approved, onto the Louisiana Senate.

dardenneOne day after the Louisiana Republican Party of Louisiana basked in the glory of its House Appropriations Committee members approving a budget that reduced expenses by over $230 million dollars, while maintaining full funding of TOPS, today, Democratic Governor's office responded.Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne will hold a press conference to discuss the budget passed that committee. Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Rebekah Gee, Louisiana Department of Corrections Secretary Jimmy Leblanc and Louisiana Department of Children and Family

quinConservatives are known to love tax breaks and that’s what President Donald Trump presented yesterday with his one-page tax outline. But, there are signs that many conservatives are not enamored with the proposal, at least, not yet. 

catRarely, have I seen few issues that have generated as much raw heat, tension, and passion than the Confederate monuments controversy. 

Just as existed during the real civil war, where brothers battled brothers, social media is the battleground, particularly Facebook, pitting friend against friend.

On one side of the tense divide, there are those who are protecting the New Orleans civil war era monuments.  Burnt in effigy, forever, is the symbol of Mayor Mitch Landrieu for up-ending what the monument protectors consider to be the loving civil society of New Orleans.

Lately, events have turned somewhat militaristic.

Some protectors of the Confederate monuments have been staying vigilant, in person and online, even surveilling during the wee hours of the morning, waiting for the next Mayor Landrieu attack. On Sunday morning, with protections of snipers, masked workers and a dumbstruck audience, the worst of all of the monuments was cut and carried., the Liberty Monument. 

collisionThe Collision Conference in New Orleans has evolved.

Last year, the focus was upon sports, music, venture capital, content, under the hood technologies, promotions.  This year, however, add the “green industry”, Virtual and augmented realty, auto technologies and so much more.




Much attention over the past ten days and certainly over the next week has been upon the success or lack of success of the Trump administration.

One area that has not been fully developed in the media has been the impact that the administration might be having upon Congressional and other races nationally.

brokeLouisiana budget woes, taxes scares and end the film industry?

Does Louisiana need to raise taxes again this legislative session? How did we get into the mess where our budget woes have become an annual event or “rite of spring legislative session”? Where do we cut, whether we raise taxes or not? What about the film industry tax credits? Should they be pared back, expanded or eliminated altogether?
These are some of the topics Louisiana Senator Conrad Appel discussed during the last part of an online video Facebook Live interview, which took place last week.

Jindal emperorTwo major political events occurred January 2016 here in Louisiana.  The first was absolutely expected and many people looked forward to the day it would occur.  The second was unexpected yet, those controlling the Louisiana legislature and almost all of state government were probably pleased with the end result.

berniejimOnce again, Louisiana is facing another nightmare as the Louisiana legislature proceeds with its spring session, trying to balance its budget, while not hurting its business environment, yet, safeguarding the needs of those dependent upon state services.

kennedy senAlmost every day, we learn that one of the members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation appears to be picking a fight with a local politician, usually of the opposite party.

hey, what’s going on?

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