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Metairie, Louisiana

brown glassJim Brown has seen a few US Supreme Court hearings during his days in politics.

The former Louisiana statewide office-holder for 28 years and now publisher, radio talk show host and political observer has a unique perspective to the current republican vs. democrat logjam in Washington DC.  That perspective might be described in three words, "politics, politics politics".

edwards presser mar9by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net
The governor’s tax plan
Gov. John Bel Edwards has revealed his tax plan, which is sure to draw fire from Republican legislators and the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

lou gehrig burnettby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

   Raymond Crews and Robbie Gatti are headed to a runoff in state House District 8 on April 29 to fill  the seat left vacant when Mike Johnson was elected  to Congress.  Both are Republicans.
    Crews came in first with 41% of the vote, followed by Gatti with 37%..  Two other candidates in the race were Duke Lowrie, who finished with 16%, and Patrick Harrington, who had 6%.

As this video interview series with Kurt Weigle, President and CEO of the New Orleans Downtown Development District, has pointed out, there are so many opportunities in the CBD of the city that doing it justice would take forever to explore and discuss.

Last week, Weigle and I engaged in a Facebook and Twitter Live interview conversation to chat about various issues. In part one, we talked about the importance of the area and how the Downtown Development District stands out with some of the major cities in the country.

Later, we discussed Canal Street, other developments, Cultural Economy, Digital Media, Collision Conference and more.

In the final segment of the interview, which is above, we focused turned to the relationship that the DDD has with many of the other organizations in the area such as young Leadership Council’s Wednesday at the Square, the DDD’s role in developing green space in the district and lastly, the legal structure of the organization, such as, whether it is membership based, or not.

Watch the final part of the interview with Kurt Weigle, which video is above..

collision comfOne of the real achievements in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana is the Digital Media Law or Interactive Media Law.  One of the most attractive upcoming events worldwide is a tech-entrepreneurship conference bringing young tech-advocates to downtown New Orleans.

crouere americaHere's your chance--those on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, that is.

Join Jeff Crouere on Saturday March 11, from 1-3 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Harvey, 1601B Westbank Expressway, Harvey, Louisiana for a book signing.  The first book by Crouere is also available at

rainwater jonIs President Donald Trump's US military buildup necessary, as he outlined in the recent address to Congress? Jon Rainwater, Executive Director of Peace Action says no.  criticizes President--Can America really afford $54 million

executive budgetOn Thursday, the John Bel Edwards administration released its executive budget.

Anticipated is a roughly $440 million dollar shortfall for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017.

angerby Ron Chapman

 “Meanness” infects today’s American political dialog on all sides.  In point of fact, the term “dialog” is a misnomer because there is very little give and take or even listening on either anywhere.    

landrieu allianceToday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu called the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend a huge success and thanked the local, state and federal public safety agencies, public employees, the host committee, and the people of New Orleans for helping make it all possible. 

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