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Metairie, Louisiana

jim-millerThe most interesting impression to come out of Southeastern Conference football media days last week was not the faux humility of the 4,000-pound favorites or the defensive blustering of the cellar-dwellers. No, it was the nice-nice deference shown by the conference's two newest members, Missouri and Texas A&M. They said all the right things about how happy they are to be members of the nation's top college football conference and about how they hope to earn the respect of its long-time members and fans.

 louisianaJindal administration selects Blue Cross/Blue Shield to administer major health

The Office of Group Benefits (OGB) today announced that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has been selected to administer the major health plans that provide health coverage for state government employees, retirees, and their dependents, a move the administration claims will save more than $20 million per year.


Currently, Blue Cross serves as the third-party administrator of the HMO, the most popular plan that covers 164,765 people, while the PPO plan covering 62,010 people is currently self-administered by OGB.  


thor hammerThe hammer came down on Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation today as it lost another court battle in the Katrina, Rita property damage case in which the seizable amount now exceeds over $104 million dollars.

The Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal has granted Regions Bank's writ to deny Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation its requested relief to stop the seizure of the Insurer's funds to satisfy a judgment, which now totals more than $104 million. The judgment, which provides $5,000 each for 18,573 policyholders due to Citizens' faulty claims process following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, is now considered fair and collectable and attorneys for the policyholders say the seizure will move forward without delay.

  brees-733248 Last Friday, Drew Brees made news worldwide with the announcement that he and the New Orleans Saints had come to an agreement for the next five years and the contract stalemate would be kaput.  Two days later, Brees signed the five-years 100 million dollar contract with an unbelievable 40 million dollars guaranteed for 2012. 

tulane-stadiumThe Saints are going to training camp this week, but what's the big deal? Pitching a tent in the back yard is not camp! The players will pull into their normal parking spots at 5800 Airline Drive, go into the same locker room they inhabit all year and then pretend like it's something new and exciting. An NFL training camp is drudgery, but at least in the old days it was something new, exciting and a petri dish for legendary tales. Today's modern NFL camp is not like the training camps of yore when the stories seemed to get better the further away from home you trained.  

jindal-historicGovernor Bobby Jindal broke ground today on the new LSU Medical Education and Innovation Center at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (OLOL) in Baton Rouge. The Medical Education and Innovation Center is part of the state’s historic public-private partnership between LSU and OLOL to improve and expand access to health care services for the poor and enhance graduate medical education for Louisiana’s doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.


Katrina-StBernardWhen one travels from St. Bernard through the Lower 9th Ward certain facts become abundantly clear.   New Streets have been constructed, bicycle paths incorporated, new curbing poured, and attractive neutral ground signs erected. 

Along North Claiborne Avenue we now have a very nice piece of art near Caffin Avenue and the neutral ground there is presently under construction.  It appears that about seven fountains with landscaping and sidewalks are in the works. 


The Jaren Lockhart murder investigation is moving from the eerie to the bizarre.

ABC26 WGNO’s reporter and anchor Sheldon Fox has detailed two more reports Thursday night, one that could further implicate one of the murder suspects, Margaret Sanchez, even further. The other report provides information as to the relationship between the two arrestees Sanchez and Terry Speaks, both accused of murdering Lockhart.
In the first report, Fox has written that, “Detectives in Hancock County say they are leaning on WGNO and ABC for key info in the Jaren Lockhart murder investigation.
It has to do with what aired Wednesday night and a suspect's network debut.

Optimized-koolaide3Our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court fled from the field of sanity on June 28 and ceded the struggle over containing massive federal government control over commerce and individual rights to the motley crew in Congress who laid the decomposing cadaver of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) on his door step. One can sympathize with Roberts' plight in having to sort through that sordid mess from a constitutional standpoint. But one can't respect his putting the "well being" of the court over the disaster that will soon start unfolding as the ACA further explodes health care costs, rations care, distorts physician/patient relationships, and explodes the already soaring federal debt crisis.

landrieuOne of the pivotal lawmakers in the entire debate over the Health care law was democrat Louisiana U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu who delivered the key vote in the U.S. Senate in the middle of the controversy of the legislation.

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