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Metairie, Louisiana

zimmermanThe death of Trayvon Martin has become the latest controversy to engulf the national media, civil rights leaders and mindless celebrities.  

The killing of an unarmed Martin by night watchman George Zimmerman created a frenzy of media coverage and has led to a string of inappropriate comments and behavior by public figures.  

GOP-aspirin-war-on-womeni’ve been professionally involved in politics for over 20 years and the stench coming from our so-called leaders on the right this year is the worst in my lifetime. middle aged white men daring to pretend that only they know what god wants are hell bent on inserting themselves into the beds, bodies and personal lives of every living american. the latest victims of their moral hypocrisy are your wives and daughters. women are fed up with the republican taliban and are seeking a divorce. their children are crying “please mommy, make the bad men stop!”

landrieuAlso, while current Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has the lowest favorable of any statewide elected officials (including Landrieu), according to Pinsonat, Dardenne should not be counted out, nor should his  recent support for Mitt Romney minimize his election prospects. 

These are the pollster’s conclusions as to Bayoubuzz’s recent questions to him arising out of a Southern Media & Organization Research (SMOR) poll financed by conservative Baton Rouge businessman, Lane Grigsby. 

school-booksYears ago we warehoused our better students.  Once they had completed their Carnegie Units for high school graduation, there was nothing else for them to do but wait for graduation day.  In the meantime, they perform meaningless tasks around the campus to justify their presence. 


vilmaNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been as welcome in New Orleans as an oyster allergy since he dared to smite the beloved Saints organization with all manner of plagues in the wake of their Bountygate scandal. The NFL version of boils, locusts and rabid frogs were fines, docked draft choices and suspensions levied in return for the general opprobrium that the actions of a misguided few have cast on the franchise and the league. However, contrary to the belief of recent letter writers to the Times-Picayune, Goodell's motivation was not a hatred of the Saints or a love of their enemies. Unfortunately, the severity of the penalties reflect the temper of the times in which a besieged league finds itself. 



I hope you are enjoying spring and the glorious weather that comes along with the season.


As usual, this past week was another fabulous week in my beloved New Orleans. I started  it by attending on Tuesday, a fun-loving Mad Men Party at the Carousel Bar and Lounge at the Hotel Monteleone. ON Wednesday, it was time to host my March Round Table Luncheon: "A Salute to New Orleans Festivals"at  the Fleur de Lis Suite in the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The featured speakers were Marci Schramm, Director of French Quarter Festivals, Inc.; celebrated food writer Kit Wohl; Don Marshall, Director of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival; and Terrence Verigan, Treasurer of Board of Directors of the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival. The fabulous entertainment was provided by talented actor/cabaret entertainer Vatican Lokey, accompanied on the piano by Jim Walpole. As a lagniappe, next month featured entertainer, vocalist Robin Barnes gave us a little taste of what to expect next month on April 18. Not to be missed. One of the surprises at the luncheon was the attendance of Jelani Remy who plays the adult Simba in The Lion King, who was the guest of talented entertainer Marshall Harris.

legislature jvlastnews thumb Recently, Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media & Opinion Research (SMOR) released a poll financed by conservative Baton Rouge businessman, Lane Grigsby.  That poll is below.

The poll focused upon issues being discussed during the legislative session as well as the poll ratings of the state’s statewide elected officials.

Bayoubuzz asked Pinsonat the following questions regarding the findings of that poll.

paytonThe latest on NFL's Bountygate...

Baltimore Ravens' owner Steve Bisciotti said he thinks the New Orleans Saints bounty program is despicable. 

“I think it’s despicable,” Bisciotti told Monday. “And I know that [Saints Owner] Mr. [Tom] Benson feels the same way. So I feel sorry for him.

Monday, 26 March 2012 01:45

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Can the Saints survive without Payton?

You don't replace Payton from a football perspective. That will have to fall on Brees and other leaders. It's up to the veterans to figure how they're going to win without a voice coming from the front of the room, a voice these players expected to be there when they began offseason workouts with the goal of hosting the Super Bowl.


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