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Metairie, Louisiana

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comSo, is Governor bobby Jindal endorsing the “Kostelka congressional redistricting plan or not?

According to Congressman Jeff Landry the answer is no.

Bayoubuzz has just received this email from the Landry campaign:

Stephen Sabludowsky--Bayoubuzz PublisherIt appears South Louisiana just might lose out.

Governor Bobby Jindal, who certainly did not tip his hand when he spoke to the legislature at the start of the special session on Sunday, apparently is going North. 

North, as in North Louisiana.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Bayoubuzz PublisherVictory can be sweet.

For now, Louisiana Republicans are basking in those victories but when it’s the year’s end, we will then know if it’s how sweet it “is” or  it “was”.

And Bobby Jindal is off..

On the campaign road and for now, perhaps not Washington D.C. Houston, Iowa, Michigan but on a TV near you.  Yes, near you, as in Louisiana. As he makes way to spend Stephen Sabludowsky, Bayoubuzz Publisherhis 9.3 million dollars in campaign money, the Louisiana Democratic Party is doing the political thing too.  It is criticizing his Jindal for hitting the tube with what it calls “slick DC-style ads” without any opponent and with much on his governing plate such as the current budget mess.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comHow does the first Indian Governor--who also seems to possess high-national political ambitions by virtue of appearing on popular talk shows and by writing a self-promotional book-- suddenly become cast as being racially-insensitive towards minorities and particularly African Americans?

This is the question that some are now asking as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appears to have “seen the light” after his journey in “going white”.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comOne of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s most resonating mantra during his 2007 election campaign was his administration would be “It’s not who you know, it’s what you know”.

Almost four years later, it appears that his mantra could be “It’s not what you know, it’s what you give”.

And, it’s a shame.

A Washington DC based organization CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics) has written a report that questioned the interrelationship between Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, his re-election campaign, a foundation headed by his wife Supriya and various corporate donors to the Foundation who have contributed to his campaign and who have received a Jindal Administration benefit.

Following an article by Eric Lipton of the New York Times who expounded on the CREW report, Bayoubuzz’s Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky interviewed Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of CREW regarding the organization’s claims in the report. 

Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of BayoubuzzGovernor Bobby Jindal is a virtual shoe-in to be re-elected in Louisiana as no republican nor democrat has made any movements towards running against the popular Governor.

That still could be the case, however, a wind has come out of Washington and New York that is questioning sizable contributions by major corporations to the Jindal campaign fund and the charitable foundation headed by First Lady Supriya Jindal. 

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comA local reverend is the subject to a storm of criticism after being arrested for masturbating in public.   Bobby Jindal might not be on the campaign trail, but, he appears to be ready to give advice to future Presidential candidates hoping for a “fix”.  

Congressman William Jefferson appears to have a delay in his criminal appeals case.

Is there a delay in the possible closure of the federal government?  Might be.

And, don’t delay in making plans to see former Senator John Breaux, and Congressman Bob Livingston and Billy Tauzin at Loyola University.

New Orleans area women are simply “mad” about the New Orleans’s Opera Women's Guild annual Mad Hatter luncheon and masquerade event.   This year, the Patron party was held on February 20 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart and the luncheon and masquerade were held on February 24 at the Astor Crowne Plaza.   The masquerade featured a very competitive best hat contest, fashion show,  and this year, the master of ceremonyies was "I am New Orleans, musician Vince Vance.

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