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Metairie, Louisiana

Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of BayoubuzzPeople of New Orleans, do you carry your personal plans with you?

After all, hurricanes have a way of just popping up at any time of the day or night almost as often as a crime gets committed on the streets of Katrina Alley.

Stephen Sabludowky-Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is quoted to say “Walker is "demonstrating remarkable political courage and showing what real leadership looks like." when recently referring to the Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker’s national made-for-TV-soap opera co-starring the labor union and the international media.

That’s easy for Bobby to say.

Easy because he is actually on the sidelines looking in.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comAs Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal approaches the oncoming legislative sessions, budget crises, and elections, voters will begin to ask these questions:

Has Governor Bobby Jindal fulfilled his campaign promises?

Will Governor Jindal have serious competition this election season?

Friday, 04 February 2011 16:05

New Orleans Go Red For Women Shows Big Heart

Go Red for Women goes well beyond women wearing red.

It is a day reminding the nation that women are vulnerable to many of life’s ailments—from certain types of cancer to heart attacks.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comWill Mary Landrieu soon be the only statewide Democratic elected official?

That is the question that many are asking today as they ponder if, and so when will Attorney General Buddy Caldwell be the next switcheroo from the Blues to the Reds.

After Christmas, I wrote that I would not be surprised if Caldwell switched from Democrat to Republican.  At that time, the GOP had just picked off two old-dog Demos, Senator John Alario and Rep. Noble Ellington.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comI am 39, again.

Vince Vance, who composed a music video called “I am New Orleans” which has received tremendous acclaim since in release in August 2010 has celebrated his 39th birthday, once again.

In fact, it appears that the international showman has been celebrating the 39th annually for an unspecified number of years and counting.

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comTwo questions to debate:

How responsible should Louisiana (versus the United States and the oil industry) be for the damage caused to its wetlands and to its economy due to drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico?

Based upon his actions during the BP oil spill and his administration’s deep water drilling moratorium which has now evolved into what many are calling a “defacto moratorium” that is harshly impacting Louisiana’s economy—does President Obama dislike Louisiana or is he less concerned for the state because it is clearly “red”?

Stephen Sabludowsky--Louisiana PoliticsIt was a great victory, although perhaps short-lived for New Orleans, its basketball team, the Hornets, and for Louisiana.

The New Orleans Hornets met attendance goals of the 14,735 game average required in the team's lease to keep them in the city for another year and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Hornets President, Hugh Weber and Hornets Chairman Jac Sperling at a Monday press conference voiced the community’s collective appreciation for a job well done.

Stephen Sabludowsky, Louisiana PoliticsGiven a new poll by Dr. Verne Kennedy, is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in re-election trouble?

Not really.

Still, it’s quite hard to believe that the same Governor who has received recent honors as the country’s top Governor, who has written a self-promotional book, who has been traveling around the state promoting how great of a job he has done as governor is not a slam-dunk shoo-in.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 18:29

Governor Jindal’s Selling of Louisiana

Stephen Sabludowsky--Louisiana PoliticsLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is stepping forward with a plan to selling state assets such as state prisons, buildings, lottery and group benefits in order to meet a major budget hole of $1.6 billion.   Last week at a LABI panel discussion, Secretary of Administration, Paul Rainwater, would not provide details regarding this plan but did give information about possible sale of State Group Benefits. 

While very few of us want to destroy health care and education in Louisiana, some are complaining that the Governor is more willing to dodge than bite the budget bullet.

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