Jrue1As you might expect, when NBA Commissioner David Stern announced that the Pelicans drafted Kentucky center Nerlens Noel with the sixth pick, I jumped up, thrust my fist in the air and danced a whirlygig.

benson-boogeySo the Saints signed their first-round draft choice, DB Kenny Vaccaro, last week. They followed that up with signing the rest of their draft choices at the team’s rookie mini-camp this past weekend, just two weeks after the draft. My only comment is: “Where’s the fun in that?” 

payton2blueIt's the most exciting off-season week of the year for NFL faithful, but Draft week is gut-wrenching for NFL general managers, head coaches and personnel staffs.


benson-boogie1Today's theme, at least in New Orleans, is out with the old and in with the new. The Hornets lost to the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday night to end a dismal 27-55 season, but on Thursday morning the New Orleans Pelicans are undefeated and looking skyward. At midnight, the Hornets turned into a pumpkin likely to be returned to Charlotte, and Tom Benson's new Pelicans franchise officially opened for business.

nfl-heavensIn the beginning, there was the Cap, and it was good. NFL owners of diverse means but common interest gazed upon this foundling and were sorely amazed.


Monday, 11 February 2013 18:50

The tiring sport of New Orleans Mardi Gras

Bacchus 2013The aging athlete is a pitiful thing in America, especially when their glory days are more a matter of our own conjecture than any pen-and-ink record of accomplishment.

blackout-bowlSuper Bowl XLVII had its memorable moments, including a first-ever power glitch, but let us talk about the game first. The Ravens went up big early and had to hold off a furious San Francisco rally, which they did thanks to two huge defensive plays in the fourth quarter.

ravensWell, the big day is almost here, and it's time to stick my head in the oven and pick the Baltimore Ravens to win Super Bowl XLVII.


In what was the worst-kept secret in New Orleans sports, owner Tom Benson announced Thursday that next season and forever more the local NBA franchise will be known as the Pelicans.

payton2     The nearly year-long nightmare of Bountygate is now officially over! The NFL's decision Tuesday to reinstate Saints coach Sean Payton, a week after a federal judge tossed out Jonathan Vilma's defamation suit against Commissioner Roger Goodell, effectively puts an end to the most vexing year in franchise history.

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