Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature
Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

10:30 am July 21, 2010

A tropical wave in the Carribbean, might worsen which could delay work to plug the BP Gulf of Mexico leak up to 10 to 14 days depending upon weather conditions and if the system strengthens.  Allen said the weather could force vessels to move away  from the spill operation. 

"Any operations out there would have to be suspended whether it's containment or the relief well," retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen told reporters during a telephone briefing.

Every day, the Whitehouse provides information regarding the events that occured and issues that were discussed for the day as the US attempts to deal  with  the catastophe of  the BP oil spill.

On Tuesday, Admiral Thad  Allen extended  the integrity test  of the well  and  a new incident commander was  chosen for Louisiana.

steve_sabludowsky01After the Washington DC Madam case made headlines, after the admission of sin, when Louisiana Senator David Vitter said he prayed for forgiveness after the revelation--many  followers of that story said that Vitter didn’t have a prayer to win re-election.

After today’s bombshell news, that the former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice, Chet Traylor a Republican   candidate  for  U.S. Senate allegedly had interfered with the marriage of a current member of the House of Representatives and is now having some  type of relationship  with his now deceased wife’s son’s ex-wife, there is only one thing to say.

Elena Kagan, the Solicitor General and President Barack Obama's nominee to become the newest member of the US Supreme Court passed the first major hurcle.  Kagain, in a 13-6 vote was endorsed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

statonThere may not be NFL games in 2011. If the owners decide on a lockout, the players have more to lose in the short term if there is a work stoppage. The players will run out of money and the owners will be paid. The owners will come out ahead in this one. Despite the high salaries many will go broke if they missed a significant portion of the season. It's sad statement but rings true.  A lockout next off season looks almost inevitable now, but the real test for the union will come closer when to when regular player paychecks in Week One are scheduled to show up...

Talks of a Chris Paul trade continue.
Paul in a Bobcats or a Magic uniform are in the news again. It's unlikely CP3 will be wearing another uniform until after next season.

The thought of getting Paul puts a twinkle in the eyes of decision-makers with the Bobcats and Magic. There are number of places Paul could wind up, and Charlotte -- near his suburban home in Winston-Salem and possessing a Hall-of-Fame coach in Larry Brown -- should be among the viable candidates. Michael   Jordan is the Bobcats owner now and Paul is a Jordan Brand endorser.

Andy Benoit, founder of NFLTouchdown.com, predicts the Saints will win the NFC South again this season.  Writes Benoit: "Undefeated won't happen. Going by talent, the Saints should be around 13-3, 14-2. But we've seen how things go for defending Super Bowl champions. One or two key injuries and this team could be looking at 9-7."

The seep of methane does not come from the BP oil well, but officials believe it might be naturally occurring.BP said that government and company scientists were beginning to believe that the seep which had been discovered over the past days was probably occurring naturally and not a by-product of the BP oil well that has been spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

 hollly_cleggWhen you say tacos, all ages come running.  When testing this recipe for Fish Tacos, I tried my own creation of a taco seasoning and one using the packet.  Well, I thought the oen with the packet came out the best and was a step saver which I am all about.  We need to include more fish in our diet, and this recipe is a great family-friendly way to entice even the younger ones. 

Standing in front of a seafood processing company today, Governor Bobby Jindal joined commercial fishermen and processors to highlight the vital role commercial fishing plays in Louisiana and the Governor called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to move quickly to begin testing Louisiana’s waters in order to safely reopen commercial fishing areas closed as a result of oil spill. Earlier today, Governor Jindal met with commercial fishermen and processors at Harlon’s LA Fishing, a seafood processing company in Kenner.

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