Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature
Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

According to a anonymous source, democrat Louisiana Sen. D.A. “Butch” Gautreaux, D-Morgan City has qualified for Lt.Governor as a democrat.  Also, Republican Ernest Wooten has qualified as an independent.   Wooten has changed his registration from a republican to become an independent.  The seat is occupied by David  Vitter.  The major challenge so far as come from democrat Congressman Charlie Melancon.

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced Alan Levine will step down as Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals, a role he has held since January 14, 2008.  In his place, the Governor also announced the appointment of Bruce Greenstein.

During his tenure, Levine led DHH through significant reforms, even while dealing with massive funding and disaster-related challenges.

As of 2:06 pm, more candidates have entered the political field in Louisiana.   The US Senate race now has a third  Democrat, Neeson  Chauvin.  Also, Republican Steve Scalise the Congressman from the the 1st Cogressional District has drawn an opponent, Democrat Myron Katz.  Also, Milton  Gordon has informed Bayoubuzz that he has qualified in the US Senate race as an independent.

According to Reuters, Diamond is pulling one of its deepwater rigs out of the gulf.  Reuters reports that Diamond is the first of such move “surrounding a U.S. moratorium on deepwater drilling.

The Obama administration through the Interior Department imposed the deepwater drilling moratorium after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded which has resulted in what is known as the BP Oil Spill.

Update: Milt Gordon has qualified according to his Facebook.  He is a conservative  (11:59am)  and has told Bayoubuzz that he is running as an independent.  Also, Steve Scalise has picked up an opponent, Myron Katz of New Orleans.

Nick J. Accardo has qualified for the seat. occupied by incumbent David Vitter.  Accardo has qualified as a republican.  Now  both major candidates,  Vitter and democrat  Congressman Charlie Melancon  have competition within their own respective parties.  

Also, the  Lt. Governor's has picked up more candidates. Melanie  J. McNight and entertainer Sammy Kershaw have  entered the race.


Here is the latest list of candidates who have qualified for upcoming elections (as of 11:29 am)

The last day of qualifying for political office for important Louisiana elections is today.

Here is a quick analysis of some of the important races:


Will David Vitter coast to being the only Republican running in the US Senate race?   So far, the unexpected has occurred.  Instead of Vitter getting a possible republican challenge, his major opponent, Charlie Melancon did.  Now that there are two democrats in the race, what position will that party take?  Will it support one candidate over another?

jeffcrouere_150_200Good morning and welcome to Ringside. Did you hear? Michelle Obama is coming now to the Gulf Coast. So all your fears can wash away…..never mind. So what good does this visit do when red tape is still getting in the way? Meanwhile, Governor Bobby Jindal is practically screaming at the federal government. Great talk, but so far the governor isn’t walking the walk. The stage is set now for David Vitter vs. Charlie Melancon and questions have been spurned by Vitter on the persisting questions of his now fired controversial staffer. And just what’s going on in the Department of Justice? A voter intimidation case where intentions were clear has now been tossed out by this administration. Reverend James David Manning is at it again as he has some very pointed words as usual for President Barack Obama.


The offshore deepwater drilling moratorium took another hit on Thursday when the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, in New Orleans, declined the federal government’s effort to restore the pause in certain Gulf of Mexico drilling activity.

So what?

After Thursday’s hearing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said, “We have very serious concerns that the Department of Interior is going to announce a second moratorium. As members of the court pointed out today during the hearing, despite the injunction against the original moratorium, we currently have a de facto moratorium because of uncertainty from the Department of Interior".

Exterior shot of the United States Department ...

On Thursday, the appellate panel of the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals denied the US government’s request stating it "failed to demonstrate a likelihood of irreparable injury if the stay is not granted."

The ruling appears to be a short-term embarrassment to the Obama administration who has pressed the moratorium on certain deepwater drilling activities.

However, it is uncertain how much of a victory the ruling really might be for those who won the three judge decision.   
The ruling said there was no evidence that deepwater drilling would resume immediately.

Oil Rig Maintenance in Darwin Harbour May 2006


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal joined Lt. Governor Scott Angelle to represent the State of Louisiana at the hearing on the drilling moratorium at the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The Court issued a ruling shortly after the hearing where they denied the motion for stay.  Below is a statement from the Governor.


Governor Jindal said, “We’re pleased the court did not reinstate the moratorium. However, it’s clear from the ruling that this matter is not resolved and there remains uncertainty about the future of deepwater drilling and thousands of

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